6 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall

We all may be sad to see summer go but fall beginning has to make us all a little excited. All the small details about fall make this season so important. From the warm colors that we love to the comfort foods we missed devouring, fall is a season we all appreciate and miss.

Here are a few reasons we all should be happy fall is on its way:


1. Cozy layers are back in style.

With the change in weather, our outfit choices come with a lot more opportunity to be trendy. The back to school shopping sales are something our closets are thanking us for. Flannels, sweaters or long sleeve cotton tees paired with your favorite ripped jeans or comfortable leggings are a must. Scarfs and furry boots are back to keep you warm with the fall breeze.

2. Football season has arrived.

Repping your favorite team, whether it’s for school or the NFL, gets all of us pumped. We all win when we can go to the tailgates, enjoy the amazing food and company, all while proudly wearing our team’s colors. Hanging with friends and cheering on the team is something we all aren’t afraid to admit we missed.

3. Seasonal foods are the best.

Pumpkin spice muffins, butter pecan coffees and fall inspired foods are offered at this exclusive time of year. It’s hard to pass up such seasonal delights that make us all feel a little more in the fall mood. Warm apple pie and homemade cookies are finally back in style.

4. It’s cuddle weather.

When the air gets a little cooler, we tend to want to find a cuddle buddy. A friend or special someone to hold on to makes fall a little more enjoyable. It is the best feeling to have people you love around to share fall with.

5. Excuses to be extra artsy.

When your outfit is on point or the coffee in your hand looks like something you want all your followers to see, it’s the perfect time to share on social media. I know, everyone may be saying it’s basic, but that doesn’t stop anyone from posting their artsy moment.

6. Outside becomes a work of art.

The leaves changing colors and the warm tones that surround us during fall are breathtaking. It’s hard not to want to capture every sight we see whether we are in the car or walking beneath the vibrant trees.


Embrace the season and you will fall in love with fall all over again.