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5 Ways We React to the First Snowfall Of The Season, As Told By Jane The Virgin

Well, here we have it, ladies, the first snowfall of the season! Some love it, some hate it, but unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do but wait for the fall to stop (mainly so we can build a snowman~). If you live on the East Coast like SHU girls do, you know what happens every year when snow reaches our end of the coast. Let Jane the Virgin illustrate that for you!

1. When you look at your weather app and see snow on the radar all. day. long.



2. Your professor’s reaction when everyone asks if she will end class early.



3. When he/she DOESN’T let you out early, so you sit in class stressed about the commute home.



4. When you arrive home to a warm, heated house.



5. When you finally snuggle up, turn on Netflix, and drink some hot chocolate

Okay, okay, when we finally get the chance to snuggle up under a cozy blanket, the snow may not seem so bad! It’s actually really pretty! From Sacred Heart to wherever you’re reading this from, stay warm! HCXO


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Nina Lauria

Sacred Heart

Nina is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor on the Physician's Assistant track. She has always loved medicine just as much as fashion and blogging. Nina hopes to one day concentrate in Pediatric Oncology and help find a cure for cancer!
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