5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be a celebration of romantic relationships, it can be a day to pamper yourself, and admire your relationships with some of your best friends. Here are five ways to celebrate yourself this February 14th!


Do Something Special for Yourself

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you take time out of your day for yourself! Try some new nail art designs, put on a facemask, and catch up on your favorite Netflix shows! If you are feeling really rambunctious, try to go through your closet and organize your latest fashion finds. In the process, you might find some items that you would like to donate and clear some closet space for future purchases.


Get Glammed Up

Dress up and go nowhere! Try that new updo you have been wanting to do! After getting all dressed up, take some great pictures. Try taking a great selfie and posting it on Instagram or Facebook this will show your friends and followers that you are awesome and confident in yourself!


Spoil Yourself with a Great Meal

Grab your friends and make a reservation at that new restaurant you all have been dying to try. Do yourself a favor and order the most expensive meal on the menu because you deserve it! If you and your friends don’t want to spend a lot money, order in from your favorite take out place. After you finish your meal dessert is a must! Order that creme brulee or eat that pint of Ben and Jerry's!


Buy Yourself Flowers

Buy yourself flowers for any special time in your life. Fresh flowers make your house or apartment smell great, they are so pretty to look at and they will instantly put you in a great mood. Fresh flowers can be expensive but you are worth it!


Find a Quote and Live by It

Find the motto of your life! Discover a special poem or quote that explains your life in two minutes. By finding something that you can relate to artistically, it can be an outlet for your feelings. It might even inspire you to start writing songs or poems on your own!