5 Trendy Wardrobe Pieces That Have Reemerged From The 90s

In the words of Charli XCX, if you're reading this article, you're most likely a "90s b*tch." Many of you probably think back to what you wore during this decade and cringe: scrunchies, butterfly hairclips, Kimmy Gibbler, oh my! However, there are certain pieces from the beloved 90s that are making a comeback in our closets:


1. Overalls: Overall, these have been making a slow comeback. They are now in full swing. Wear them with a simple crop top and pair it with casual sneakers and you’re all set for a chill hangout, a day party, or a family outing.




2. Adidas Sneakers: Otherwise known as shell tops, Adidas sneakers have been absolutely taking over the world of Instagram, blogs, and all other things fashion.  Not only do they match with absolutely anything (even a dress!), but they are also cheap, comfortable, and totally cute. 

3. Chokers: The piece you always felt like a bada** wearing in Elementary School is back to give you that same feeling-- but now it’s both stylish and bada**. Unbeatable combo! Not only that, but old school chokers have a new school twist to them – hanging charms!





4. Bell Bottom Jeans: You will need a pair for the fall.  Black, blue or even white denim, jeans with a wide flare at the bottom are back to take over Fall street style. Pair them with boots in the Fall, and you will get compliments like you never have before.

5. Jean Skirts: Hopefully everybody saved their ripped Abercrombie jean skirts from middle school, because they are totally back. Well, maybe not Abercrombie. Jean skirts were a huge hit this summer and can be dressed both up and down. 


Welcome back, 90s! We've missed you.