5 Thoughts We All Have While Filling Out Course Evaluations 

It’s that special time of year again! The stress is kicking in, finals are coming up, and your professors are expecting you to evaluate their course. You’ve been avoiding the evaluation for some time now, and the blackboard notification will not go away. It’s not like we don’t have enough stuff to do in these last two weeks, of course we can set aside 15 minutes to answer tedious questions about your class. Here are five thoughts we all have during this process!


1) This is definitely anonymous, right? We all have that low-key fear that our professors are somehow going to know who’s ripping them apart. 

2) I gave my last professor a horrible evaluation and they're still here? You all might wonder, who is reading these evaluations and are they really that effective? 

3) If I give my teacher a great rating, should I print it out and hand it in? I’m sure this thought might’ve crossed your minds, too. Can we use these evaluations to our own benefit? 

4) Ugh, what if this evaluation ruins their day? Even though this professor wasn’t very helpful and you didn’t get higher than a B, there is still a sense of guilt when you rate them so low on the evaluation. 

5) I hope the professors really take our evaluations into consideration. Remember evaluations are meant to be helpful for students, professors and the university. So, do them! 

As we all get through the final stretch of the semester, remember it’s the final stretch for our professors as well. Do your course evaluations to benefit your professors and their future students, but also the university. Finish strong, collegiettes!