5 Amazon Products That Will Change Your Life 

As a dedciated Amazon Prime member, here are a few essentials that I recently have purchased that I am really enjoying: 


The first thing that I am loving is a salt lamp wall plug in. My favorite YouTuber Danielle Carolan showed this in her vlog and I purchased one immediately. I plugged mine into an outlet in my bathroom and I put it on while I shower. It is a perfect amount of lighting and it's very relaxing and makes me feel like I am at a spa. The one I have was only $12 on Amazon! 


Another great Amazon product I love is the Amazon Echo Dot. I have two of them, one in my bedroom to pump me up while I am getting ready and another in my bathroom so I can play music or listen to a podcast while I shower. I also love that while I am getting ready I can ask what the weather will be like instead of having to stop and check my phone. The Dot is $29 and an awesome Bluetooth speaker. 


I have been getting a balayage done in my hair for a few years now and I have yet to find a purple shampoo that works but also does not break the bank. I tried the Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Treatment Conditioner and I love it! I originally purchased it at Ulta along with the Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Seal Protect Leave In, and these two products together work really nice. I try and use my purple shampoo twice a week, usually on Tuesday's and Thursday's. You can order both these products on Amazon, with the shampoo priced at $9 and the spray priced a bit more expensive at $22.


The second thing that I am loving recently is the most basic thing on this list… it's my Hydroflask with a straw lid. Personally, I love ice cold water and I knew if I wanted my water to stay cold all day long I was going to have to invest in a Hydroflask. I recently ordered a straw lid from Amazon and it is life changing! There is something about drinking a beverage from a straw that is so satisfying! This was another $12 purchase and it came with two lids, two straws, and two brushes to clean the straws! 


Lastly my favorite Amazon product is my essential oil diffuser. I have wanted one for so long and once I finally got one for Christmas I use it daily. I love using the lavender oil  at nighttime and I usually put in the eucalyptus one in every day because it's my favorite sent! The one that I got was $36 on Amazon along with a box of oils that was $18 and has 8 different scents to use. 


I hope that you give these products a try and love them as much as I do!