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With the snow and Holidays approaching, it’s important to look cute from hair to hem! Here are five cute and easy hairstyles perfect for winter.


1. Half up Double Dutch Braid Bun


You first separate the hair into its half up half down sections. You then tie the bottom half in a ponytail to temporarily stay together as you braid the rest of the head. After separating the top half into two equal sections, you tie up one of the sections to temporarily stay out of the way. Now in order to make dutch braids very tight, you must start with a very small section and add small sections at a time when braiding it. Once you’ve finished the dutch braid, continue braiding the hair for around three twists until tying it with a mini elastic. After repeating this with the other top section, you twist the two pieces together and twist the hair into a bun and secure it with a hair tie. You can use bobby pins to help make the bun into your preferred shape.You can also tug on the braids to add more volume. Lastly, undo the bottom half of your hair and curl is for a beautiful voluminous look!


2. Twisted, tie-back look

Take a section from the side of your part with the less hair, twist it in the direction of the part and secure it in place with at least two bobby pins. Hide the bobby pins with the free hair over it. You can rock this look with all hair lengths and textures!


3. Boho/Beachy Braid Look

Part your hair down the middle and grab two parallel strands and combine them on the back of the head with an elastic. Now take that pony and do a regular braid as far down as possible. Then, take a few strands throughout the rest of the hair and braid them too! For a more messy and voluminous look, pull at the braids to make them look bigger and less polished. You can also curl your hair to add to the Boho feel!  

4. Milk Braids

Part your hair all the way down the middle and temporarily pull back one half of the hair. Then take the other half of hair and do a regular braid. Repeat this with the other half. Then, flip one braid up and across the top of your head and keep it in place with bobby pins. Repeat this with the other braid. You can also separate pieces from the front of your hair and leave them out of the braiding to compliment your face. Making these pieces into soft curls can help keep them out of your face and add more volume!


These pretty hairstyles are perfect looks for the upcoming Holiday season and are easy to accomplish!

Devin Gavigan

Sacred Heart '21

Hi, my name is Devin Gavigan and I am an English and Communications major with an Advertising and PR concentration at Sacred Heart University. I have always had a passion for writing and everything creatively stimulating. I hope you enjoy my articles!
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