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Feel like you’re waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning? It’s time to start celebrating where you are now and everything you have created for yourself. It’s time to reach your goals, your way, not comparing yourself or your success to another person’s. And it’s time to stop saying the classic “if this didn’t happen I would be here”. Regret and guilt is keeping you from your goals! I tell myself these three things every morning to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Everything you need to hear

  1. Where you are now – whether that is at college, at a job, living with people for the first time, living away from home for the first time, or actually trying to make a life for yourself – let’s give yourself a round of applause! Where you are now is definitely not where you were before. From as small as doing your hair, or dressing however you wanted to style yourself. We all wish for what we have right now; appreciating where we are now and celebrating the present will make the future feel less like pressure and more exciting as you continue to let yourself blossom into your fullest potential. 
  2. Social media can sometimes be a place of constant defeat as you are scrolling and seeing everybody’s tips and tricks on how they lost 5 pounds in a week, or cleared their acne in just under 2 weeks. Let’s think about this; everybody’s bodies are different, everybody’s skin is different. So one person’s results may be different from another’s, whether it’s timing wise or actual visual outcomes. I saw the most success when I stopped worrying about who was watching and what everybody else was doing. I TRUSTED myself and gave myself time to achieve what I knew how to do. With celebrating myself, tunnel vision, and consistently I was able to achieve my goals and become more comfortable with doing things with my own intent not worrying about what the athlete next to me is doing. 
  3. In life, one of the most horrible things one can do to themselves is hold themselves back due to regret and guilt. Don’t worry about the fast food you ate 5 days in a row, or the years you spent isolating yourself, there’s always a tomorrow to better yourself from today.  We can’t be so hard on ourselves, I beat on myself for not getting enough done in a day or sometimes not setting boundaries with the people that are close to me. It’s important to relieve yourself from your past. A lot of the decisions we regret are the ones we try to fix based on our past. If this relates to you try some self reflections through writing, spending time alone in a place that brings back good memories, or meditation.

Take away

This mindset has helped relieve me from stress, boost my confidence, and better my mood. Speaking from my experience, I highly recommend thinking about these three things at the beginning of everyday! We are all human at the end of the day, whether young or old, we should be celebrating our journey and being proud of ourselves. Staying focused on our goals and how we are going to get there stops procrastinating and stops us from holding ourselves back. Finally freeing ourself from our past and letting go of that regret and self hatred will allow us to reach our goals. These 3 mindset tips have become essential in my life and I hope they can help you embrace the beauty of everyday and all that comes with it too.

Honora Saccu

Sacred Heart '26

Hey I'm Honora Saccu, I love inspiring people to better themselves everyday! You can achieve anything if not more than what you see other people achieving.