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The Academy Award nominations came out recently for the 2021 awards show, and the diversity in the acting categories was revolutionary. There were 9 actors of color nominated; which is record-breaking considering last year only 1 actor of color was nominated. The Oscars have a controversial history of mainly white male actor nominations, while this year’s nominations show progress towards more diverse recognition of actors in the entertainment industry. 

I hope these facts blow your mind like they did mine. It really gives you a look into how much colored actors and actresses have been left out of awards shows and how much progress is being made towards inclusion of all races and ethcnicties. Though there is still a long way to go until we reach equality, events such as the Oscars inspire all by nominating a diverse group of actors. The world is continually becoming a place for people of all ethnic backgrounds, and I can’t wait to see the improving progress!


Steven Yeun

The first Asian American ever nominated for best actor.

Riz Ahmed

The first person of Pakistani descent ever nominated for any acting Oscar.

Yuh-Jong Youn

Nominated for supporting actress, being the first Korean ever nominated for an acting Oscar.

Chadwick Boseman

 First actor of color to have a posthumous nomination and was nominated in a primarily white category. 

Chloé Zhao

The first woman of color to be nominated for best director along with Emerald Fennell; all a part of the first year in Oscar history where more than one woman director has been nominated. Zhao is also the first female to ever receive four nominations in the same year.

“Judas and the Black Messiah”

The first movie with a colored producing team — Shaka King, Charles D. King, and Ryan Coogler — to be nominated for best picture.

Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson

The first colored women to be nominated for best makeup and hairstyling. 

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