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15 Signs You’re Checked Out of Spring Semester

Well, it’s that time of the year again, folks. It’s the season of skipping classes, “winging” tests and wondering where the heck all of your money went. If any of these signs apply to you, then it’s official: you are checked out of spring semester.


1. You’ve begun running away from your responsibilities at all costs.

2. The first thing you do every morning is check your e-mail. Not because you’re responsible, but because you want to see if your professor cancelled class.

3. When you realize your professor did cancel class, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you

4. But when class isn’t cancelled…

5. You’ve skipped so many classes that, when you finally do show up to class, your professor sounds like he/she is speaking a foreign language.

6. You feel like this when you realize how quickly final exams are approaching:

7. You have officially run out of dining dollars, so you are trying to survive off of the few meal swipes you have left.

8. But the food at 63’s is just…

9. All of your assignments are due on the same day and you have begun to despise your professors. Like, do they realize you take other classes?

10.  You have approximately $7 left in your bank account and you have no idea where the rest of your small fortune went.

11.  Naps occur regularly (at least twice a day).

12.  But you’ve realized that even naps aren’t enough to keep you going.

13. Studying? What’s that?

14. You have officially run out of TV Shows to watch on Netflix and now have no excuse to avoid school work.

15.  Summer could not seem farther away. These next two weeks are surely going to drag on.

But, don’t worry fellow collegiettes! Soon enough, you’ll be tanning on that beach instead of sitting through that lecture and replacing that venti iced coffee with a margarita. Plus, you’ll not longer feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing.


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Leah Forbes

Sacred Heart

Leah is a freshman at Sacred Heart University. She is a Spanish major and plans to join the Education program. She is a proud member of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. She likes to spend her free time with family, friends and, most importantly, her dogs.
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