12 Reasons Iced Coffee is Better Than Hot Coffee

1. Iced coffee is scientifically proven to be healthier for you than hot coffee; it’s less acidic since it is cold brewed, so drink up.


2. Let’s be honest – we drink cold water, cold Diet Coke, and cold protein shakes – why would it makes sense for our coffee to be hot?


3. You don’t have to wait for it to cool down.


4. It’s just the cold, hard, truth that iced coffee tastes better than hot coffee… point blank.


5. You can dress up iced coffee based on your mood. You want caramel syrup today? Go ahead. Almond milk? Why not? It’s completely versatile.


6. Dunkin’ makes it perfect every time.


7. On the subject of versatility, you can literally drink it whenever. On your way to your 8 am is the perfect time. But, have you thought of making it into a frappe, and adding whipped cream? You know you want to.


8. Iced coffee will never betray you with burns all over your tongue or skin from spilling.


9. You can literally drink iced coffee any time of the year and you will be completely satisfied.


10.  The first sip of your iced coffee is the most refreshing thing in the world.


11. You look like an actual badass strutting around with your cup in hand, it's less cool when you spill your hot coffee on you and drop it – yikes.


12. Basically, you can never have too much iced coffee.