10 Reasons We Couldn't Be Happier Bieber is BACK

It’s safe to say that Justin’s new album will be on repeat in all of our homes, cars, and clubs for the remainder of the semester. However, it’s more than just his music we’re into these days. Here are 10 reasons why we couldn’t be happier Bieber is BACK:


1. He no longer has a baby face, but he’s still a BABE.

2. He’s a changed man.  He realizes that he’s messed up in the past, he’s surrounding himself with more positive people, and he even has a sensitive side.

3. What do you mean you weren’t drooling while watching his recent performances at the VMAs? “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon? “The Today Show?”

4. “What Do You Mean?” is debatably his best.song.ever.  It was #1 on iTunes in less than five minutes and is currently #1 in 89 countries.  Oh, and it’s the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, making him the youngest artist to debut a single straight to no.1.   

5. Nothing comes between him and his Calvin’s? Don’t count me out just yet.


6. His acoustic version of “What Do You Mean?” will have you nodding your head yes, and not saying no.

7. He manages to rock the most ridiculous hair-dos, but still be totally sexy.

8. His dance moves will have you screaming “Baby, Baby, Baby!”

9. Again, that bod though…

10. He’s one of the chosen few that receive Yeezy Boosts as gifts from the fashion icon Kanye himself.


We all wish we were the lucky girl in the “What Do You Mean?” music video, but for now we’ll have to settle for watching the video on repeat and letting our imaginations take over. Justin, thank you for turning all of us collegiettes into Beliebers.