Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

In the 21st Century, there are a lot of ways we consume media, and one of the biggest ways we consume media is through movies. And then we take those movies and talk about them for weeks on end on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Even before movies are released, while the movies are still being filmed people take to social media and talk about how excited they are about these movies. Twenty-nineteen is expected to be an even bigger year for the silver screen, and there are films that are more anticipated than others.


1. “Avengers 4: Endgame”

This long-awaited Avengers movie is intended to answer everyone’s burning question, “what comes next?” and everyone’s hoping this isn’t the end. But this movie will be the end for our beloved Steve Rogers as Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel ends after this movie.

2. “It Chapter 2”

Everyone’s favorite killer clown is back in Derry to torment the adults that were once the Loser Club. This sequel isn’t a surprise to anyone who watched the original movies or read the Stephen King novel, but is still highly anticipated by horror fans.

3. “Zombieland 2”

This sequel to the hit comedy thriller Zombieland is the epitome of the ten-year challenge. With all of the original cast coming back for the sequel and new faces, this movie shows how the undead have evolved.


4. “Captain Marvel”

Marvel’s first female-led movie has had everyone on the edge of their seats since the end-credit scene in “Infinity War”. When the first trailer appeared in September fans were excited about the female empowerment and the possibilities that Brie Larson’s “Captain Marvel” brings to the Marvel cinematic universe.

5. Lion King

The live action movie to everyone’s childhood heartbreak is set to be released this summer. With Beyonce, Donald Glover and Seth Rogen in the credits this movie is bound to be a hit that the younger generation will grow to love just like we had.

6. “Aladdin”

Another one of Disney’s live-action remakes, this movie is set to come out in May. This movie holds promise with Will Smith as the new Genie, though Smith will never compare to Robin Williams’ character.

7. “Toy Story 4”

Everyone thought it was over, but Disney decided to give their loyal fans a bit more of Woody and the gang. From teasers and posters Disney has posted, all we know is that there will be a lot of new toys and there’s possibly a carnival element.

8. “Spiderman 2: Far From Home”

When this trailer dropped a few weeks ago fans of Marvel across the world lost their collective minds with excitement. Though this movie won’t come out until after “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame” fans are still ready to buy tickets and see Tom Holland be Spiderman once again.

9. “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”

Dreamworks is releasing another movie to round off the “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy, and fans are excited. The trailers show beautiful animations and attention to detail as this trilogy comes to a climaxing end.

10. “Glass”

Another trilogy being completed 19 years after “Unbreakable” was released and three years after “Split”. “Glass” focuses on Samuel L. Jackson’s character who believes life is a comic book.

11. “Frozen 2”

Another Disney movie coming out in 2019, but this one is a sequel to their all-time favorite movie. Disney hasn’t released any teasers or trailers but fans are still excited following the release of “Frozen Fever.”

12. “Pokemon Detective Pikachu”

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu feels off-putting but somehow right as long as Pikachu is a foul-mouthed detective. This live-action pokemon movie has sparked many jokes and excitement since the trailer was released in November.

13. “What Men Want”

Everyone has wondered what goes on inside a man's head, and now Taraji Henson gets to make it a reality. This comedy is expected to be a hit as we get to find out what it is men truly do think of and how to survive in a male-dominated career.

14. “Isn’t it Romantic”

Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine are starring in another blockbuster together, this time as coworkers while Liam Hemsworth plays Wilson’s love interest. This Valentine's day rom-com is set to be a PG-13 parody of your average romantic comedy.

15. “Rocketman”

Another biopic on a voice that defined a generation, “Rocketman” is a musical fantasy based off of Elton John. With plenty of musical numbers, bedazzled costumes and whimsical sets this movie will be one for the ages.