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How To Stay Cozy And Comfy on Campus While Being Cute

One of the biggest questions students have when adding pieces to their wardrobe is “Is it comfortable enough to wear to class?” Most times, if the answer is no, we opt out of getting it all together. For one, we’re already on a budget and we just can’t afford to buy clothes we know we won’t wear and two, who wants to be uncomfortable in class? 

Comfort is the number one priority on campus. 

For this very reason, many students just forget about trying to look cute and wear clothes that keep them comfy and warm once the temperature drops. Other students refuse to even try and wear their pajamas to class (especially to those dreaded 8 a.m.'s). However, I’m here to remind you that comfort and cuteness aren’t mutually exclusive, you can look cute, stay warm and be comfortable on campus all season long.

Here are a few ideas on how you can achieve this:
  1. 1. Sweater Dress

     The oversized sweater dress trend is one that really serves college students. These dresses are the perfect no-effort wardrobe staple. They do not require ironing, made of soft non-constricting material that is designed to keep you warm and comfortable. This single item can add a chic element to your outfit instantly. Sweater dresses come in a variety of styles, lengths and cuts, some even feature a turtleneck for an extra snuggly feeling.

    Want the look? Check these out:

  2. 2. Fleece Lined Leggings

    Now everyone loves a good pair of leggings. They’re especially a staple in every college girl’s wardrobe. I mean, why wear jeans when you can wear leggings? But once the weather starts getting colder, it gets harder to find thick enough leggings that actually keep you warm which causes us to have to swap our leggings out for denim. That is until now, with these fleece leggings you can continue rocking your leggings all year round. They are thermals designed to give you extra insulation. Now you can feel as if you’re wrapped in a blanket while listening to your lecturer. Please don’t fall asleep though.

    Want the look? Check these out:

  3. 3. Sherpa Pullovers

    Sherpa is currently super trendy so you’ll definitely get compliments with your pullover on. This fabric definitely does its job in keeping you warm and it comes in a bunch of different styles, colors and designs though most of these pullovers usually feature a zip a little below the collar. This gives you the chance to undo your zip a bit and layer a tee underneath your pullover to add an extra oomph to your outfit. If not, you can keep it zipped all the way and wear your PJs under there - no one will be the wiser. 

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  4. 4. Corduroy Jackets

    We all know how uncomfortable denim is but once the temps start dropping we reluctantly pull our denim jackets from our clothes and start adding them to our outfits. Well, this year, leave those denim jackets on their hangers, we’ve got corduroy! Corduroy Jackets are really popular right now and they pretty much do the same as a denim jacket. There’s also a ton of colors to choose from. I’ve even actually come across a few lined ones. The options are endless this fall! Make sure you try on in stores or read carefully before buying though because some corduroy material might be lighter than denim and not provide the same warmth as a heavy denim jacket would.

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  5. 5. Uggs

    These shoes are a staple for your college wardrobe in the fall and winter! Sacramento is pretty cold early in the mornings and slipping your feet in your Uggs literally feels like slipping your feet in a mug of hot chocolate. Lined with fur on the inside and around the ankle of most boots, Uggs are something special. They are very cute, come in various colors and designs and they can also be easily paired with leggings or sweats for maximum comfort.

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Cheers to being cozy and cute all fall long!