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8 Local Coffee Shops For Studying

Who doesn’t love coffee, right? If you’re not a coffee lover, that’s ok too because they serve some really tasty teas. Whenever I have to study and do homework, I always love visiting the local coffee shops! Why? Because having a latte in my hands and being in a nice atmosphere, it really helps me to stay focused. Whether you’re new to Sacramento or a native like me, you should know how much of a coffee town Sacramento is. And the best part is that the coffee shops are in a close vicinity whether you are downtown or hanging out in East Sacramento. You’ll never have to say, “I can’t find any coffee shops near me.” As a caffeine-addict college student, I’m always excited to sit at a nice shop to do my homework in a calming environment. Are you wondering where to start? Here’s a few of my top recommendations:

1. Temple Coffee Roasters

Photo courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

Almost every student at Sacramento State University knows about Temple Coffee. You would know because students love putting the logo stickers on their water bottles and laptops. I guess it is one way to accessorize your belongings while sporting your favorite coffee shop. If you haven’t tried Temple Coffee, then you’re in for a treat. There are four Sacramento locations that provide a beautiful and simplistic atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. This shop is great if you wish to be free from distractions and to focus on school work, not to mention the coffee will amaze you. The last time I went to Temple Coffee, I got a hot latte and let me tell you, I felt it go straight to my soul. So warm and delicious! Temple Coffee Roasters is definitely a must try.

2. Old Soul Co.

Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

Old Soul Co. provides a large workspace especially at the Weatherstone Coffee and Alley locations. With four of their locations in Oak Park to the heart of Downtown Sacramento, Old Soul Co. never fails to provide a warm atmosphere and kindness from the workers. Not only does Old Soul Co. sell coffee, but they also sell delicious pastries. So you can enjoy amazing coffee and tasty food while supporting small business owners. Who wouldn’t love that? You can’t study on an empty stomach. Am I right?

3. Camellia Coffee Roasters

Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

Camellia Coffee Roasters is a new shop on the block and people have been loving this particular coffee scene. Did you know camellia is Sacramento’s city flower? This coffee shop is located in the WAL Public Market building right next to the Fish Face Poke Bar. Their atmosphere offers a warm and industrial feeling while serving fresh juice, coffee, seafood and other kinds of locally sourced goods. What more can you ask for in a homework grind session? The workers are very friendly and conversational, so be sure to make Camellia Coffee Roasters your next study destination!

4. Naked Coffee

Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

With fewer locations in comparison with other local coffee shops, the Naked Coffee is a must see especially for those who love art. With only a few locations that stretch from Broadway to Downtown Sacramento, they are known for the beautiful art they display on their walls. Inside the coffee shop, it is completed with super comfy couches and a lively atmosphere with talented baristas. The H Street location has a stage where local musicians perform! Art and live music? Sign me up! But don’t get too distracted by the ambience, you have to study remember?

5. Insight Coffee Roasters

Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

If you love the simplistic and clean look, you’ll love Insight Coffee Roasters. There are three Sacramento locations that are designed more modern and have a minimalism style, you’ll feel like you’re studying in a trendy Tumblr picture. This particular coffee shop specializes in hosting seminars where they educate the public about their coffee and how it is brewed for free! If you are a coffee aficionado, then you’ll love coming to these type of classes. It is amazing to me to learn this business cares so much about their customers and is always sure to make everyone feel welcomed, so be sure to stop by Insight Coffee Roasters for a visit! I know I’ve enjoyed my times studying and enjoying their coffee.

6. The Mill

Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

Founded in 2013, The Mill built their reputation by creating exceptional coffee and starting out as a vendor at the Saturday Farmers Market in Midtown. The next year they began renovating their shop three blocks away from the Farmer’s Market. Since then, the shop has remained lively and the small shop holds a lot of space for people to sit and relax, which includes the outside seating patio. This shop offers plenty of natural light so it uplifts the atmosphere and your mood even if you’re swamped with school work. They pride themselves on exceptionally well-crafted coffee and house-made treats. The Mill is definitely a must try!

7. Identity Coffees

Photo Courtesy of Rawpixel

When I say this shop is one of a kind, I mean it literally. It only has one location, which is on 28th Street, just a few blocks away from the other Temple Coffee Roaster’s location and the Natural Foods Co-op. This independent and family owned shop directly sources their coffee by traveling to select countries to work directly with their coffee farmers. How cool is that? So, everyone can identify with Identity Coffees. This cute shop is a great study spot and perfect for supporting a small, independent business. The friendly atmosphere is enough to bring anyone back for a study break.

8. Broadway Coffee

Photo Courtesy of Broadway Coffee

When you visit Broadway Coffee coffee shop, you will think it is the most hipster local coffee shop ever! Broadway Coffee is enjoys being involved with their community in Oak Park. When you see the building with large windows and coffee related graffiti on the outside, you’ll know it’s Broadway Coffee. When I was sitting in this shop, it feels like you’re sitting in your kitchen. That is what makes it a community feeling because it is so comfortable and homey. This coffee shop offers a variety of treats and food from local food providers such as cakes, cookies, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, etc. Are you starting to see a trend in supporting local farmers and businesses? That is why I think these coffee shops make it the best place to do homework because it is like having a home away from real home. Go check it out for yourself to see the above and beyond customer service provided by Broadway Coffee, you can’t miss this gem of a shop.

Even as a Sacramento native, I didn’t know about all of these shops until recently. The coffee scene in Sacramento is growing as it is becoming more recognized as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, which is something we can all greatly enjoy. You might be thinking, “how do I even get to these shops?” Well, did you know that all of these shops are walking distance from the light rail? With the cost of tuition, you also pay for a student commuter sleeve, which gives students the accessibility to transport on the Sacramento Regional Transit. Now, you can travel to all of these local coffee shops while saving a few bucks of transportation and hassle free parking! How great is that? The campus shuttle Hornet Line takes you straight to the light rail station at 65th Street, near the Upper East Side Lofts, so you can visit these shops right after class to get your caffeine fix. You can pick up your student commuter sleeve at the Bursar’s Office located in Lassen Hall room 1001. Now that you’re all set, the only thing left to do is decide which place to visit first. Good luck studying and enjoy your coffee!


Leticia is a Campus Correspondent and graduating senior at Sacramento State University. She majors in Sociology and minors in Journalism, hoping to one day serve justice whether that be through writing articles, engaging in social studies, or both. When she isn't racking her brain for pitches on her next story, she's probably taking pictures with her Nikon D3300 while listening to the latest Real Friends album.
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