5 Resources You Need to Know About This Semester

There is an abundance of resources you as a student have access to on Sacramento State Campus! These are just a handful of resources that I will mention, but remember there are plenty more. Whether you're a first-year freshman or a graduating senior, these resources are helpful for any student.


  1. 1. It’s Time For a Nap  

    Sleep is important and lack of sleep can really affect a student’s academic performance. The nap class here on campus is a good way to get some sleep before you have your next class. The nap class is lead by peer health educators from the health and wellness promotion. The nap class is a great way to encourage sleep, learn just how important sleep is (especially in college) and how lack of sleep can negatively affect you. The students who come to this class are given a nap brochure, ear plugs and sleep mask. They are taking a nap on top of a yoga mat and given a blanket. Aside from that meditation music is playing in the background. This semester nap classes are held in the feather studio at the WELL both on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m to 12:00 p.m and Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Also, I will be leading the nap class on Wednesdays so come by, take a nap and say hi! 


  2. 3. ASI Food Pantry  

    The ASI food pantry is a great service for the students of Sacramento State. All students are eligible for this resource, all you have to do is show ASI your OneCard and you are able to get free food from the pantry! The pantry has a plethora of food to choose from and it's open to any Sacramento State student.

     On the Sacramento State campus, 47% of students are facing food insecurity and only 4% eat five servings of fruit and veggies. It's great that Sacramento State is trying to help change that.

    The food pantry is located in the University Union, Room 1264. The entrance is on the side of The Union between The University Union and Santa Clara Hall.

  3. 4. Student Health and Counseling Services  

    SHCS is located in The WELL, our campus gymnasium, and they offer a variety of health resources you as students have access to. Some of these resources include urgent care, primary care, individual and group counseling, pharmacy and optometry. They also have fun events they host throughout the year such as Stress Less Puppies during midterms. Definitely check them out at The WELL.

  4. 5. Career Counseling

    The transition to college is already difficult and adding the pressure of not knowing what to do can affect your mental health. In Lassen Hall students can visit Room 1013 for career counseling. They can drop in the career center office or make an appointment by calling (916)-278-6231. This is both open for alumni and students. They offer an abundance of help with things like resume building, cover letter writing, career exploration, LinkedIn, networking, grad school and more.

Knowing what your school offers is important and it’s hard trying to find out about these resources without help from others. We have your back and are always on the search for important resources on campus!