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5 Magnificent Musicals That Everyone is Sleeping On

Musicals don’t often hit the mainstream. Those that don’t join the ranks of popular culture are not given the appreciation or respect they deserve because theater is not seen as being a field full of hyper-talented individuals.

For those of us who follow theater avidly and wait months or years for the soundtrack to be released. Those of us who sing along to the songs in the car where no one can hear us. Those of us who dream of the day we will be able to see our favorite musicals on the stage. This article is just for you.

The musicals mentioned below have been or are currently on Broadway, Off-Broadway, or the West End.

We have new musicals, revivals, and even a YouTube Musical.

If you are a casual fan, hopefully you find some new favorites.
Head Over Heels: A New Musical

This was a brand new musical that premiered off Off-Broadway in June 2015, but it’s Broadway debut was in July 2018. This short-lived musical was inspired by fairytales and with laugh-out-loud moments it revitalized the meaning of “happily ever after.” The best part? This love story is set to the songs of The Go-Gos. Including favorites like, “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth.”

My favorite track is easily “We Got the Beat.” This hilariously wacky musical is made even better with everyone in Tudor-era clothing.

Six the Musical

This new musical currently running on the West End is all about the six wives of Henry the VIII. Featuring Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour and others, these disgruntled wives tell their story in their own way. Ladies, if you want to feel empowered, this is the musical for you!

My favorite track is the titular song “Ex-Wives” where we are introduced to all the former queens. This track sets the tone for the rest of the musical in all its girl power glory!

On This Island (Revival)

This is a beautiful story of love and loss, but it also carries a major theme related to racial divides. Ti Moune is a young woman who wants to experience all of life as fully as possible. She craves adventure and love; Be careful of what you wish for. Along the way, she is helped and hindered by the Gods and Goddesses of the island. This is a revival of the original which premiered in 1990.

My favorite tracks (I couldn’t choose one!) are “Waiting for Life to Begin” sung by Ti Moune and “Mama Will Provide.” In the former song, we get to know Ti Moune and her dreams along with hearing Hailey Kilgore’s beautiful voice. While the latter song takes us to church with Alex Newell’s, Asaka the Goddess, who leads Ti Moune on her journey.


This is a new musical that just recently made its move to Broadway. It centers around a reimagining of the Greek myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, as they deal with the Underworld and Hades himself. The musical is narrated by the Greek God Hermes as he guides Orpheus on his journey to save his love Eurydice. The soundtrack has jazzy vibes and is intermingled with rhythm and blues.

My favorite track is “Road to Hell” sung by Hermes, played by André De Shields, giving us an overview of the story and leads us into the dark tone of the Underworld. Also, his voice is velvety and rich. I could listen to it all day.

A Very Potter Musical

This fan-made musical is based around an alternate version of Harry Potter. Get this; It stars a young, unknown Darren Criss as the main character, Harry Potter. It was written, directed and staged by HP fans and it definitely shows. This musical and its two sequels are all available on YouTube to watch and enjoy! Even if Harry Potter is not your cup of tea, this musical is fun and hilarious. The soundtrack is worth adding to your repertoire.

My favorite song is “Granger Danger” with Ron and Draco both desperately singing about their love for Hermione and being super dramatic. It’s all you really need to belly laugh.

Be sure to do some searching for performance clips available online, but no bootlegs please! Enjoy listening to some amazing soundtrack and geeking out.

To start off, my name is Shawntay Arroyo and I am the Senior Editor for the Sacramento State chapter of Her Campus. I am an English Major and I intend on getting my Masters in English Literature with an emphasis on the American Gothic. I want to go into publishing, hopefully as an editor, and will also pursue freelance writing. I love my books, a teapot full of Chai tea, rainy weather, and working on my bullet journal.
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