5 Korean Dramas to Binge Watch During Winter Break

There is no doubt that Korean culture has found its way into America’s heart. Acts such as BTS and BLACKPINK have really introduced people to the Korean culture. Many people have heard of what K-pop is but not many know about Korean dramas.

Korean dramas are basically tv shows/dramas from South Korea, very self-explanatory. Most people shorten the phrase to k-dramas. They are known for their unique storylines and genres that have never been seen elsewhere before.

With that being said, here is a list of five Korean dramas that you should binge-watch during your holiday break. These can all be found on Netflix.

  1. 1. Vagabond, 2019

    With the series wrapping up, Vagabond is definitely a popular drama on Netflix right now. Without spoiling too much about the series, the main male protagonist goes on a hunt searching for the people who caused a tragic accident that took away a loved family member. Together with the main female protagonist, they work together to solve the intense case. This drama is a mix of action, romance, and thriller.

  2. 2. Boys Over Flowers, 2009

    This one is definitely a must-watch classic Korean drama that everyone has to see. Most k-drama watchers would agree that it is the ultimate cliche drama where the rich boy falls for the poor girl, rich boy’s mom hates the poor girl and someone just has to get amnesia. If you’re looking for a cheesy high school romance, this is the one for you!

  3. 3. Goblin, 2016

    If you’re looking for a drama about fantasy, romance and unrequited love, this is the one for you. The main male and female protagonist may have a complicated relationship at first, but they prove that love can really last a lifetime. The second lead couple is also something to look forward to because of their undeniable chemistry!

  4. 4. Memories of the Alhambra, 2018

    Filled with thrills, romance and mystery, this drama will keep you on your feet the entire time. The plot revolves around solving the mystery behind an augmented reality game that was created by the main female protagonist’s younger brother. The main male protagonist goes on this journey to try to find the missing creator and while doing so, he faces challenges never seen before.

  5. 5. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

    Looking for a strong female protagonist who can look after herself and her man? This one is the one for you. This romantic comedy will surely make you fall in love with the chemistry between the two main protagonists. Ever heard of second lead syndrome? This is where you will fall in love with the second male lead of the drama and don’t know who you want the main female protagonist to end up with. This heartfelt k-drama will surely make your cold, desolate heart melt.

With these five recommended k-dramas, you can definitely start your binge-watching now. Just know that once you get started, you might not be able to stop until the series is over. That’s how addicting it can get, no matter what type of show it is. If it sucks you in, you’ll just have to keep watching until you reach the end. Maybe wait until finals are over before you start binge-watching.