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5 Helpful Tips To Make Voting Easy

Voting is on everyone’s minds right now and with good reason. I’m sure you all have heard over and over again to “Rock the Vote!”. Most of you may now roll your eyes when you hear it, but there is a reason you are running into this slogan again and again. Voting is the only way to ensure your voice will be heard in the decisions the current administration makes for all of us. These decisions impact everyday life for every citizen in this country and it impacts the rest of the world too.

The most stressful part about voting, is about us being informed so we can make the best decisions on the candidates and propositions on Election Day. It can take a lot of time to research and contemplate on what or whom you agree with in the choices you are given.

Getting to the ballots and standing in line can also be anxiety inducing for most, but each of you are in luck because Sacramento State is the first and only polling place as an University in the state of California. In an article titled “Sac State becomes first California university to have vote center” by Emily Maher of KRCA-TV Channel 3, she interviews Noel Mora, President/CEO at Associated Students, Inc. at Sacramento State. Mora was instrumental in organizing the voting center and he states, “We’re ready to make sure that young voters are being heard in this election.”

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All this stress can be alleviated with this resource guide that has all the information you need to make your voice heard!

1. The Quickest Nonpartisan Voter Guide for the Midterm Elections

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This guide from Ballot FYI is by far my favorite because it breaks down the props one by one in a fun and engaging way. This resource gives you the pros and cons, context of both sides of the argument, an idea of the costs for taxpayers and who financed the campaign for the prop itself. This last one is super important because you will be able to see which prominent figures and corporations are pushing for the proposition to pass.

2. A Compilation of Candidate Statements

If you want to really get to know the candidates up for election, this is the informational guide for you. This complies all the candidate statements in one place for voters to go through to see what each one hopes to accomplish for voters. It also gives you contact information on each candidate so voters can communicate their wants/needs more effectively once the results are in.

3. CalVoter: A Quick Overview of Everything on the Ballot


The CalVoter is a useful resource that acts as an overview to everything discussed above and it has its own links to other resources available to all voters. It has FAQs that explains where your closest polling place is and discusses the voting process itself. So, if you have any simple questions, this is a vital resource for you.

4. Open Secrets: Information on Campaign Funding


Open Secrets gives voters a more in-depth understanding of where Politicians are getting their funding. This can be a great way to make a more informed decision on candidates and who they will be working alongside during their term.

5. Sacramento State University Voting Center

Photo Courtesy of Sacramento State

For those of you who are worried as to how you will get to a polling place, there is great news! There is a voting center right on campus at Mordoc Hall from November 3-6 (hours vary). So you can head over to vote while you are already on campus. So convenient, right? For those of you with mail-in ballots, you can turn them in at the voting center. If you want more information on hours and what over services the center offers, please go this link.

I hope all of these resources provide helpful tips and sooth some of your stress when it comes to decision-making and going to the polls. If you still feel like voting isn’t necessary or important, I encourage you to read this article by Mary Warner, a writer for Her Campus, who breaks down the importance of voting for each individual.

I encourage all of you to make your voices heard now that you have everything you need to ROCK THE VOTE!


To start off, my name is Shawntay Arroyo and I am the Senior Editor for the Sacramento State chapter of Her Campus. I am an English Major and I intend on getting my Masters in English Literature with an emphasis on the American Gothic. I want to go into publishing, hopefully as an editor, and will also pursue freelance writing. I love my books, a teapot full of Chai tea, rainy weather, and working on my bullet journal.
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