How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

As the first weeks of the semester come to a close, it is safe to say that we have officially 'started school.' In the next few weeks, papers will be due, exams will be taken, and presentations will start to pile up. Keep up with the workload this semester by following these tips and tricks! These will help prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed and succeed in all of your classes! 


Plan Ahead

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The importance of planning ahead cannot be stressed enough. In order to earn the best grades possible, allot time for where, when, and how you are going to study for each class. For instance, if there’s a paper due on Wednesday, plan a week in advance for how you will finish that paper. By setting a time and date for how you will complete the paper and where you will study, you will definitely be more likely to not only have it finished but have it done well. It can be easy to put off classes and assignments that we don’t typically like. An example of this for me personally is my music class. I absolutely despise music, so to prevent my self from self-sabotage I'll put my music homework at the top of my list. 


Use a Planner

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Planners and to-do lists are a must for the begging of the semester. Stay on top of assignments by utilizing a planner, to-do list or post-it notes. There are also online alternatives, such as Google calendar and my study life. Finding a system that can best help you keep track of your assignments and will allow you to complete tasks early to earn the best possible grades. Planners will aid in staying organized and will make sure you don’t procrastinate working on that paper!


Get an Early Start

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As much as we all want to sleep in, waking up early and making a plan is key to completing things at a healthy pace. In order to do this, get on a healthy sleeping schedule and set an alarm for a realistic time to wake up. If you allow yourself to get an adequate amount of sleep, you will be well rested and ready to take on the day! 

If you are able to implement these easy tips into your routine, it’s without a doubt that you’ll kill it this semester! Good luck!