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Why Stranger Things is Perfect for the Fall

By Raizel Harjosubroto

It’s been almost three weeks since Stranger Things 2 was released on Netflix. For those who are die-hard fans, we already binge-watched the whole thing… twice. As November and the cold weather hits us, here is why this show is perfect for this season.

It’s spooky enough for Halloween

From a Demogorgon in its first season, to the shadow monster in its second, the Duffer Brothers spooked us all just in time for Halloween. With both story lines in its two seasons taking place in October to December, the creatures that come from the Upside Down are ones like we’ve never seen before, making it even scarier for everyone.


The ‘80s aesthetic just matches up to a fall one.

Can we talk about that turtle neck as well as Jonathon and Nancy’s jackets?

Not only are the mullets and bowl cuts adorable on the young boys of the cast, but the clothes they wear are exactly what we would pin on our Pinterest board called “Autumn Style Inspiration.” From their jackets and plaid shirts, the wardrobe captures the perfect fall aesthetic.


 It’s scary… which means you can cuddle

Whether it be with your significant other or one of your friends, Stranger Things is the perfect show for you to watch when it’s cold outside. Pop some popcorn and call it a night in with your partner after wrapping yourself in a blanket.


 It’s an excuse to take a break


This time in the term is when midterms are over but assignments are piling up with exams right around the corner. While it’s important to prioritize school, it’s also crucial for you to take breaks when you can so that you can perform your best in school. Binge-watching Stranger Things in the weekend is the perfect break.   

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