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After a year of online classes and so many of us moving back in with our parents, we are finally back on campus! Except, not really. While most classes are still online, many of us have decided that it’s better to stay at home than go back to living alone.

There are the obvious pros: saving money, free food and free rent. And with most classes online, you’re not missing much anyways…right? But why does it feel like everyone is out living amazing lives without you?

After being stuck at home for a year, we are all yearning for that experience away from our parents and unlimited time with our friends, but don’t worry, you can have fun while being a commuter. And trust me, it’s more fun to be where you are. Here are a few things to keep in mind to stop your FOMO.

It’s not as good as it looks

It’s important to keep in mind that so many people only post their best moments on social media, creating the illusion that they have perfect lives. They airbrush their lives just like they airbrush their photos, taking away any imperfections and creating a fantasy that often makes others feel inferior. Real life is perfectly imperfect and often complicated, messy and inconvenient. Don’t fall into the trap of letting others’ social media feeds make you feel as if you’re inferior or that someone else’s life is better than yours.

Get involved

Just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Join clubs or go to virtual events and put yourself out there! Don’t be afraid to talk to people. No matter what situation you’re in, don’t be shy to introduce yourself virtually or in-person because you never know what could come out of it.

Spending time with yourself isn’t bad at all

Learn to love being alone because you are the best company you will ever have. Regardless of how you feel about being alone, building a good relationship with yourself is a worthy investment. After all, as people, we do spend quite a bit of time by ourselves, so why not learn to enjoy it?

Prapti is a second year journalism student at Ryerson, and loves to write about news, lifestyle, and fashion. Her name is as unique as her experiences. She is an aspiring journalist and when she's not writing articles, she's probably reading a book, or rewatching New Girl for the hundredth time.
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