Top 5 TV Shows to Binge-Watch Right Now

  1. 1. Black-ish

    Blackish, created by Kenya Barris, is such a wonderful show. It is a relatable, authentic, and polished show that is a perfect example of what we need to see more of on television. Blackish displays a healthy, Black family who navigate life with all its highs and lows, trials and tribulations. The show doesn't shy away from addressing important societal issues that often go unchecked, especially in television. They have the best celebrity cameos (Zendaya, Regina Hall, need I say more?). Definitely check this show out for a wholesome laugh.

  2. 2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    This show is an iconic classic, a must-watch for everyone. It is put together in such an amazing way, a way that modern sitcoms struggle to replicate. Each and character fits the typical archetype but this does not constrain them. This is what is so alluring about the Banks family dynamic and why it's able to evolve through the seasons.

    This show expertly uses humor to navigate touch issues such as racism, politics, and socio-economic class. Fresh Prince casted the guest stars so expertly. The fashion looks featured are unmatched. Hilary Banks - need I say more?

  3. 3. Parks and Rec

    Parks and Recreation is another great show! I just finished watching the series two weeks ago. I will admit, I skipped parts of the first season but after that, it is such an easy and entertaining show to binge. It’s another wonderful comfort show, that showcases the lives of relatable, everyday people in a comforting way.

  4. 4.  Avatar: The Last AirBender

    I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I have to pose the question: “Have you even lived if you haven’t seen Avatar?” This show is just so well done. It is full of intense action sequences, though it incorporates humour and art throughout. What truly makes this show a classic isn’t the amazing animation or world encapsulating plot line. It’s the wonderful characters. You have to check it out!

  5. 5.  The Office

    How could I not include The Office on this list? I know it’s super cliche and cheesy to say, but it deserves all the praise it gets. I always thought it was over-hyped, and only binged watched all the seasons a couple of months ago. But let me tell you: It’s worth it. Finish the first two seasons in full before making a judgement.  

    The jokes are hilarious and well-delivered. It’s the kind of show you can watch again and again, and still enjoy it every time. The characters, plot, and filming style is so unique and encapsulating. As you watch the show, the characters start feeling very familiar to you; it's the definition of a comfort show. I also love how they show beauty  in everyday work and middle class work life.