Things to do in Toronto While the Hot Weather is Still Here

By: Ella Bonaldi

Living in Toronto means a lot of cold, snowy weather and a lot of Ryerson students like myself  having to brave the storms on our commutes to and from school. 

But fall in the city is crisp and sunny and it’s a great time of year to get out and explore Toronto. Here are a few things you should definitely do while the hot weather is still around.

The Toronto Island beaches

The beach is crazy busy during the summer and for good reason. A way to avoid sharing a beach towel with strangers? Go in the fall. September might seem like a funny time to lounge on the sand and tan but it’s a nice way to relax from homework on weekends. Don’t forget to bring a speaker and some money for snacks! 

Try a rooftop bar

There are so many Instagram famous rooftop patios in the city, it’s hard to pick just one. Porch is a summer classic, which means it’s busy during the warm months, plus there’s a big door fee when it’s in demand. Go in the fall, order a summery drink like their classic buckets and reminisce on the sunny days of August. 

Bike around the Lakeshore

What better way to explore the city than through cycling. Biking near the Lakeshore is a great way to get from the West End to the East End while avoiding the traffic of Bloor Street. Don’t have a bike? Rent a BikeShare bike for $3.25 for the first 30 minutes and ride to Sunnyside Pavilion. Bring a picnic blanket and a water bottle and take a break on the beach. Check where the bikes are here

Play baseball in the quad

I can assure you, playing any sort of sport in the Kerr Hall quad will make you feel like the ultimate university student. Bring something small like a baseball and mitts, a soccer ball or commit to the university athlete vision and bring a Spikeball set! Even if you don’t have one, there’s always people in the quad looking for another member to add to their team. If sports aren’t your thing, at least soak up the fall sunshine and do homework or nap on the grass.

The CN Tower at sunset

If you’re willing to spend the $50, head up the CN Tower around 7pm to watch the sun setting in the west. Since it’s not the brutally cold Toronto winter yet, you can go on the outdoor deck without being blown away. A trip up the CN Tower is a Toronto must-do and works great as a date. 

Have ice cream at an Insta famous parlour 

There are so many Instagram worthy ice cream shops around Toronto and honestly is it ever too cold for ice cream? Toronto is known for crazy creations like those by Bar Ape, Sweet Jesus and The Big Chill. My personal favourite are the ice cream sandwiches from Bang Bang on Ossington. Trinity Bellwoods Park (another Toronto must-see) is surrounded by yummy ice cream shops and the perfect place to walk around while you enjoy.

Have a fresh picnic

Students are always looking for ways to spend less on food, whether it’s discount deals or eating less meat. Buying produce at your grocery store is cheaper, healthier and can last longer than take-out. Head to your local produce market (Metro on Gould is 10 per cent off for students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and grab some veggies and dip, iced tea, fruit and croissants. Then pick a park! Some of my favourite parks in the city are High Park, Trinity Bellwoods, anywhere near the Lakeshore, Christie Pits and Canoe Landing Park. 

Workout, preferably outside 

Running outside when it’s cool enough for a hoodie but not freezing on your lungs is the perfect temperature for a short 5K. If you’re not a runner, go to a park and do a quick circuit. If you’d just rather work out inside (I get it), hit up the Ryerson gym or do it at home. The RAC track is women only from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 2:00-3:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Even better, they always have women’s only programming like drop in soccer

Have a bonfire 

Make a friend that lives in Toronto. Hopefully they have a backyard and extra points if they have a bonfire pit. Autumn isn’t autumn without a cozy bonfire and flannel shirts. Roasting hot dogs and potatoes on a barbecue is always fun too. 

Hit up Canada’s Wonderland one last time 

Autumn is actually the perfect time to go to Wonderland because you avoid the crowds and heat flashes while waiting in line and you get to go with Ryerson friends. WThe commute up to Wonderland is worth the day of adrenaline rushes and sugar.