Soundtrack To Your New Favourite Coffeehouse in Downtown Toronto

It doesn't matter what program you are in or how many years of university you have got left,  we're all addicted to coffee and well...  complain about our mutual bank account draining tuition. C’est la vie. When I left for university, I moved away from the suburbs that I grew up in exchange for the big city. To which I have fallen madly and deeply in love with and all that it has to offer from Cabbagetown to Little Italy, up to Rosedale and down to Lake shore. I am head over heels except for the transit, the TTC still needs some work. I love exploring the city and adore doing it with a good cup of joe and bumping tunes.

I am sharing with you some of my fav spots in Downtown Toronto with music that will soon be your soundtrack for each of these coffeehouses. These are all seriously instagrammable and let's be real sometimes we go somewhere simply to take a hip pic for our social media feed.


If this calm and cool cafe has not come up on your instagram feed yet I am shocked. With their stunning horse photos and beautifully unique lattes ( once I had a lavender white hot chocolate there and it changed my life).

Check out cool that book wall, it is either a reader's heaven or hell, depending if they consider this design choice to be book murder?

To get into the mood I have picked out “Same Sea”, obviously the acoustic version, by Lights to be your jam. Just a beautiful ballad.



Neo Coffee Bar

This industrial and modern cafe screams instagram! Not to mention they have some of the most fun latte art.

This little place is tucked in and around  the George Brown Campus on King St. East and I am not gonna lie I got a little lost trying to make my way there but it was all worth it.

Suggested soundtrack is "Lost" by Liza Anne. This melancholy melody is calming and will ground you in your coffee grounds.



Boxcar Social

This hipster paradise has a couple of shops around town, one up in Rosedale and another very east on Queen! This place is super fun because after you finish your americano you can get a beer, transitional bar and cafes are the way of the future.

The atmosphere is to die for and there are fun design elements everywhere you go, seriously you need to check out the bathrooms.

Sufjan Stevens is the if there ever was one, I swear I love everything he does but I am recommending "Death with Dignity". This one is a fun light and fluffy indie tune that will make work enjoyable!

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Sorry Coffee Co.

This tiny little back alley spot is not the best for working at, unless it's not around rush hour. But it has got a cool look and great beverages.

Isn't that what it is all about? This small space packs a punch and they aren't sorry about it!

This song is definitely on my mellow sad songs playlist but is still a stunning song. "Sweat" by RY X would be the song that would play in a movie when the protagonist is questioning their existence after making a huge mistake. This is the tune that would accompany the character in a montage of sad scenes but is still a great song. Perfect to pair with a latte and a rainy day.

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Page One Cafe

Ryerson’s hidden gem is a typewriter themed spot! Literally perfect for writing an essay. On the menu they have the option for “Witty Banter” and I am not gonna lie, I order it every time.

Obviously, I think that cafes should only be paired with sad songs and this one is not the exception to the rule. "Cinnamon" by Jome is a slow and somber and song that matches this dim lit coffeeshop. I recommend it to be enjoyed alongside a Chai Latte.

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Quantum Coffee

This place is wide open with a beautiful light fixture. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy an warm drink. Located in what I can only describe as medieval house.

This is a cafe that you would travel for and then tweet about later because it is THAT good! If you have not heard about Novo Amor yet than you are welcome, they can do no wrong! "Faux" by them is my fav songand should be on your go-to homework playlist.

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This one is a little bit further than the others but is a straight up beauty. This place does not only do little carb snacks but full meals as well.

This is where all the cool kids go for a mid afternoon pick me up. The only somewhat upbeat tune on this playlist I am bringing you "Escape" by Zoology, smooth and techno in one major jam. This song will definitely help you escape from a mundane Starbucks existence.


I hope this list helps you take one more step towards eating across the city!