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The Ryerson Course That’s Changing Lives

It’s rare for a university course to be so impactful that it changes your life. The things we often remember about our courses are the grades we got, or the A’s we didn’t get. We remember the monotone prof that we had to endure, or the countless all nighters we had to pull just to get by. Everytime I look back at BUS100, my heart fills with gratitude because it’s a course that changed my life for the better. 

BUS100 – Strategies For Success, taught by Professor David Schlanger, is a mandatory first year course in the Business Management and School of Accounting and Finance curriculum. The course focuses on a variety of topics including: time management, adversity, communication, critical thinking and diversity just to name a few. Despite the array of different topics, the central themes of the course are self-awareness and positvity. 

So what makes BUS100 so life changing? As a BUS100 course facilitator these are the types of emails I receive from my students. 

BUS100 is not only changing the lives of students but the course’s very own facilitators as well. See what the facilitators have to say below. 


As for me, BUS100 not only changed my life but it saved my life. This course gave me the positivity I needed in my darkest of times. It gave me the support I needed in the times I felt alone. 

Thank you to Natasha Nesrine, Cindy Mason and David Schlanger for making this course as great as it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


Allie is a third year Law & Business student at Ryerson University. She spends most of her time re-watching The Hills, Gossip Girl and The Mindy Project. Other times she'll often spend instagramming pictures of her dog named Dumpling. Follow Allie on Instagram @ahl33 to see pictures of Dumpling! 
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