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Selena Gomez is in brand new territory. The 28-year-old singer just released her first Spanish EP titled “Revelación.” Gomez, who is half Mexican, spoke Spanish fluently when she was younger, but lost the language as she grew up. On this project, Gomez reconnects with her roots and delivers a versatile piece of work that differs from her previous releases. 

Having released her third solo studio album “Rare,” just over a year ago, Gomez returns on this EP with the same assured confidence. On “De Una Vez,” arguably this EP’s version of the hit “Lose You To Love Me,” Gomez sings about learning how to be stronger independently using minimal production that builds to an atmospheric and cathartic end. 

On more upbeat tracks like “Baila Conmigo,” Gomez’s smooth vocals glide over bouncy reggaeton beats, commanding attention. Puerto Rican singer, Rauw Alejandro, assists on this track, providing a dynamic vocal for Gomez to play off of. It’s infectious and a potential contender to be the song of the summer, once everyone is allowed to leave their houses and safely gather at the beach on a hot summer day.

Revelación also offers collaborations with Latin singer Myke Towers, and producer DJ Snake but Gomez remains in charge. Her breathy vocals on “Dámelo To’” work well to sell the sensual vibe of the track. Even with Towers hopping on for a verse, Gomez is still able to pull the attention back to herself as she declares her needs through a jumpy chorus. 

Meanwhile, DJ Snake offered his talents on the song “Selfish Love,” which is briefly reminiscent of some of the classic DJ collaborations Gomez is known for. This track marks the second time the duo has joined forces, following their reggaeton smash “Taki Taki” with Ozuna and Cardi B. “Selfish Love” takes a calmer approach in contrast and is anchored by a breezy saxophone hook post-chorus with Gomez crooning about a toxic relationship. Throughout this EP, it appears that the self-growth shown in the first track was brought back to square one, but at least Gomez sounds like she’s having fun “making you jealous.” 

Navigating a new language and sound in just 19 minutes, Gomez discovers a new facet of her capabilities. In a new genre, Gomez sounds at home and triumphant. It will be interesting to see whether this is a one-time venture or a permanent shift for the pop star but regardless, this project is an indication that Gomez is capable of taking on the terrain.


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