Quarantine Companion: Why a Fish is the Best Pet

By: Madeleine Law


I’ve had a pet siamese fighting fish for the past two years now, and although it may seem like the most mundane choice in animals to keep, my fish - who I’ve named Morty - has brought responsibility and entertainment into my life. He’s now my little sidekick and it’s safe to say, after a couple years of experience, I’m now a firm believer that having a pet fish will definitely enhance your life.

As a result of the current world health crisis, most of us are stuck at home every day, sitting at our desk, focused on our screens. With our daily work from home routines, time can blend together with no new excitement. Having a pet fish as a companion during this time is a way to add life and energy to your environment. Sitting at home, staring into your fish’s tank and admiring their movements can become a new and exciting part of your routine. What's more, unlike dogs and cats, these animals are a perfect pet for small spaces. Due to their size and nature, fighting fish can live in a compact glass tank that you can place on any countertop in your living space. 

If you’ve never had a pet of any kind before, a fish is a superb first choice to teach you a sense of responsibility. As a low-maintenance pet, fish require minimal care to ensure they thrive. This includes a daily feeding and weekly cleaning of their bowl to keep them healthy and happy. Since these tasks are quite simple, it’ll be an easy transition adding this little creature to your routine. Although it may seem simple, a little bit of love and care will truly help to prolong the lifespan of your fish, making sure they live the best life possible. 

One of the greatest things I found from keeping a fish was it helped reduce my stress levels. At times when I felt my stress growing, I would take a moment to breath and observe my fish’s movements. It may seem odd, but his graceful movements helped to steady my breath and calm my uneasiness. In addition, fish are completely silent - no sounds, ever. Therefore sound distractions are never an issue. 

Having a pet of any kind comes with many challenges and benefits. But if you’re looking for an easy-care pet that will surely become your favourite companion, a fish is going to be your best bet. After owning a fish for a couple years now, I’m sure these animals will be a part of my living space for a long time.