Photo of the High School Musical The Musical:The Series cast

Predictions for Season 2 of High School Musical The Musical The Series from an HSM Fanatic

It’s time Wildcats! Everyone’s favourite drama club is headed back to East High for the spring musiCAL. With the new season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series coming to Disney+ on May 14,  I have a few predictions as to what we’ll see in season two. 

Nini Will Leave East High

At the end of last season, we left Nini having just found out she got accepted into her Dream school in Denver, trying to decide if she’s going to leave East High.

Personally, I think in season two we’ll see Nini head off to Denver and follow her journey at her new school. With new cast additions including Derek Hough and Andrew Barth Feldman (can you imagine the DUETS!) being her teacher and peers in the new space, Nini will have to learn what it takes to follow her dreams - and wonder if it’s worth the costs.

What does this mean for our main man Ricky? I really hope we see Ricky in a smaller role for BatB, forcing him to learn if he still loves theatre when he’s not the star and his girlfriend is in a different state. While I think it’s unlikely, the theatre kid in me would love to see him go through that process and find out if theatre is really his passion.

We’re Going to See A Lot More Of Last Years Tech Crew

The East High tech crew is making big moves into the spotlight for season two.

As teased last season, board operator Big Red is an incredible dancer and makeup artist Kourtney has a voice so good even the sound system can’t handle it. These two will definitely be in the Beauty and the Beast cast.

Specifically, if Big Red doesn’t play Lumiere I’m going to be shocked. He has all the dance skills and charisma to slay Be Our Guest (if my theory above is wrong, Andrew Barth Feldman’s new French exchange student character could also kill this role).

Since Big Red’s dance skills are a secret, I could also see him pulling a Kourtney and stepping into the role last minute, shocking everyone.

Who's Beauty and Who's the Beast?

Okay… here me out on this one.

E.J has to play the Beast. He HAS to. In the same way, Ricky shared characteristics with Troy, the parallels between EJ and the Beast are too incredible to ignore.

The Beast starts out very greedy and narcissistic (kind of like a certain wildcat we know), but throughout the musical, he learns to love, be kind, and see the world through eyes other than his own. With E.J graduating this semester, there’s no way this character isn’t going to get the redemption arc we’d all love to see from him and learn to love before time runs out.

Popular opinion online has him playing Gaston, I could see this too. But the similarities between what I think will happen with his character and the beast are too high to ignore.

As for Belle, there are definitely a few options. Most likely we’ll see Gina playing the leading princess. Since she’s coming back to stay with Ashlyn, and she’s super talented she’s my first pick for the part.

And who knows? After she and E.J had a bit of a moment in last season’s finale, maybe season two will lead to something there that wasn’t there before.