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Christmas is a superior holiday for me. I look forward to it all year long and as soon as it’s socially acceptable, all my Christmas decorations are up. Although the holiday season is looking very different this year due to COVID-19, there are still so many ways to celebrate and get into the spirit while still being safe. Businesses in Vaughan and Toronto are hosting socially distanced holiday-themed walk and drive-thrus that often have themed music and lights. Right at the start of December, I managed to visit three Christmas light shows!


Journey Into Enchantment 

The first light show I went to was Journey Into Enchantment located at the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham. The prices vary if you buy a ticket from Monday to Thursday, or Friday-Sunday, with the latter being more expensive. My friends and I went on a Saturday night and paid $34.95 plus tax. Overall, the course was large and there were a lot of fun light pieces, as well as a small tunnel of lights. My only complaint would be that it was such a large space that the light pieces were considerably far apart which sort of ruined the illusion. It was in a convenient location and I would definitely recommend it for the price and the experience. 

Holiday Nights of Lights 

I went to the Halloween Nights of Lights back in October and I loved it, therefore it was no surprise that the Holiday Nights of Lights was also great! The show is located in Vaughan and the ticket prices vary depending on how many people are in one car. I went with four other people, therefore we purchased the up to four people ticket and that was $40 plus tax. I would highly recommend it; the lights and the music were beautiful, and there were several staff members around to direct traffic and answer questions. The only downside about this show is that it is so great so a lot of weekend dates and times book up very fast! 


Polar is Canada’s first multi-level drive-thru show. I saw an Instagram ad for it and immediately sent it to my friend group chat. The show is located at the Toronto Pearson Airport, which is a large and convenient location. It had a lot of light tunnels and special effects, as well as a live Santa. I also enjoyed the Christmas music that you could follow along and listen to while experiencing the drive-thru. 

Marina Arnone

Ryerson '21

Marina is a fourth year English student at Ryerson University. She loves to write about beauty and fashion with the hopes of creating a little escape from everyday life! As a huge astrology fan, Marina identifies as a true Pisces and romanticizes every inch of life. She hopes to create articles that will inspire others the same way she has been so inspired by writing!
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