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More University Students are Becoming Sugar Babies: Here’s Why

“I’m over it. Where’s my sugar daddy?” Take a shot if you or your friends have ever unironically said something along those lines to each other.

Listen, I’ve had plenty of men in my DM’s asking to send me money and honestly, I wish I would’ve created the Venmo account because I’ve got tuition to pay for. But in all seriousness, I’ve realized that people are accepting these requests and even going as far as to meet these men in person. I mean, there are literally apps out there to help you find a sugar daddy, one of the most popular being a dating website calledSeekingArrangements. But how common is sugar dating, and what are sugar babies doing to guarantee their safety?     

Right now, there are about 3 million college students in the United States who are registered on SeekingArrangement, which makes up about 37 per cent of their users. In Canada, the number of students looking for sugar daddies or mommas has risen 44 per since 2018. On this website specifically, students are even offered a free membership when they join using their school’s email. According to SeekingArangement, Ryerson University ranks 4th on the list of top universities in Canada, with 729 student members.

Honestly, can you blame people? Tuition is becoming more and more expensive, housing prices keep rising, the cost of living is going up, and minimum wage stays virtually the same. It’s hard to be a full time student and still have a life. Why wouldn’t someone want to try sugar dating if they can? But, again, remember: you can say no, and sex does not have to be a part of these aragements!

If you’re planning on trying sugar dating, you need to be over 18. Never give out any personal or banking information, and do not send pictures. Please be safe and do your research.

“I was in need of financial help,” Makaylia Johnson told CBS last year. Johnson is a 21-year-old student, who had been using SeekingArrangement for over two years. “I wasn’t really looking like something like a commitment because I’m in college.”

Johnson recounted her experiences with sugar dating to CBC, and says she’s been on trips to Mexico and the Bahamas. While many believe arrangements like Johnson’s can lead to prostitution and even trafficking, Johnson sees otherwise. “It’s everything that involves a relationship basically,” she says. “Some people may look at it as a relationship. I look at it as me just being free and having fun.”

According to the SeekingArangement site, students “receive a monthly allowance of $2,925,” which is double the amount that could be earned working a minimum wage part-time job.

So have you gotten any offers to be a sugar baby? I’m telling you, the lines people come up with are pure gold. One guy whose profile had no picture, no name, nothing, just DM’d me “Venmo.” The audacity, am I right? But also hi, give me your money. 

If you do decide to try sugar dating, I’ll say it one more time in case you missed it: stay safe and be smart.

Hey y'all! My name is Zeinab and I am a writer for HerCampus and Ryerson. An Aquarius who is ready to share all her opinions and experiences.  Enjoy! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @zeinab_jawad and YouTube at Zeinab Fakih.
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