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How to Master Y2K Style This Spring/Summer

If you follow fashion trends, it will be no surprise that the early 2000s is making a comeback. For the past year, Y2K trends like butterfly clips, bedazzled sunglasses, and Juicy Couture sweatsuits have slowly been creeping into the fashion world. Now, media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest are infiltrated with Y2K inspiration. It’s time to stop resisting the return of yoga pants and give in to the Y2K fashion gods if you haven’t already. With the warmer months around the corner, here are some essentials to turn your spring/summer wardrobe into a Y2K paradise.


The cardigan trend has been in for a while, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Cardigans are a great transition piece from the cold winter months to the warmer spring days, when it’s still a little too cold to go sleeveless. An added bonus is that shopping for cardigans is extremely easy and can be fairly inexpensive. The best place to look for endless gems is the thrift store. Secondhand shops are typically filled to the brim with so many different styles. Anywhere from GAP cardigans to grandma-chic knit cardigans, the thrift store has. This clothing piece is best paired with a cute baby tee, dresses, or buttoned-up on its own.

Tiny Slip Dresses + Skirts

There’s nothing better on a warm sunny day than being extra feminine and throwing on a cute slip dress or skirt. Slip dresses have been super trendy since last summer, and like cardigans, aren’t going anywhere soon. If dresses aren’t your thing, skirts are a great alternative when you want to mesh feminine and masculine styles. To master the Y2K look, find a cute slip skirt and pair it with your favourite oversized hoodie and some sneakers.

Trucker Hats

Remember the Von Dutch brand in the early 2000s? Well, it’s back. Forget the baseball caps that were popular in 2015 and move onto trucker hats to get that sporty yet fashionable look. This item is a perfect way to mix the masculine side of the Y2K style with the feminine side. Wear these hats with any of the items listed above and it will be *chefs kiss*


Three Piece Bathing Suit Sets

Looking for a new bathing suit this summer? Try a matching three-piece bathing suit. This year, many brands like Princess Polly and 437 Swimwear are bringing back the early 2000s trend of three-piece bathing suits in tons of different colours and patterns. These sets are perfect for those hot sunny and sandy beach days everyone’s longing for. The matching cover-up, which makes it a three-piece set, is perfect for feeling sexy while still feeling comfortable and not too exposed. This piece will help radiate your inner confidence in your beautiful body rather than try to hide it.


Halter Tops

If there’s one thing that screams Y2K, it’s these tops. Remember being seven-years-old, wearing that hot pink halter top with gems around the neck? Well, it’s back but in a more mature way! For spring and summer, halter tops are the way to go! It doesn’t have to be all “rhinestoned and blinged-out” (although extra points if it is). In fact, many people are taking the simplistic approach, which is perfect when you want to mix that Y2K style into 2021!

These are just a few staple pieces to elevate your wardrobe this season and bring it back to the Y2K era. The great thing about Y2K style is that although it is trendy, and fast-fashion stores like SHEIN are quickly producing all kinds of pieces, it’s extremely easy to come across very similar, and even more unique finds at the thrift store. A bonus to this is that it’s also sustainable and most of the time, way cheaper than buying first hand. If you’re intimidated by the clutter of a thrift store, the best sections to look for these Y2K pieces are the lingerie section, the women’s cardigan sections, and sometimes even the men’s section can have some cool finds to mix masculine pieces with the feminine ones! There are tons of ways to take any of the items listed above and make it into your own style but the main thing is you feel confident and happy in whatever you wear.

Kate Jones is a Her Campus Contributing Writer. Kate is currently studying Journalism at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Ontario. Along with Her Campus, Kate has written for NewWave Magazine and currently produces and hosts her own radio show, Fem Radio at CJRU 1280 AM. In her free time, Kate enjoys exercising, baking (and then eating everything she baked!), and travelling.
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