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Everything You Missed From Meghan And Harry’s Interview With Oprah

The highly anticipated interview that millions have been waiting for is out now. Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry has left fans and haters’ jaws dropped, unveiling the reality of their struggles, putting the rumours to rest and sharing what being a part of the royal family looks like. If you missed the special, here are some of the shocking and interesting moments from the Sussex’s tell-all interview, below. 

Meghan and Harry are expecting a girl this summer

Before we get into the more intense moments, as Harry joined the 90-minute special, the couple revealed they are expecting a girl this year. They announced their pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, which was exactly 37 years after when Princess Dinana announced her pregnancy. This is joyful news as Meghan wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on her miscarraige that she experienced last year.

Meghan needed to learn how to curtsy moments before meeting the Queen

Meghan revealed that she needed to know how to curtsy moments before meeting the Queen for the first time at a casual lunch outing at the Royal Lodge. Meghan was surprised she needed to curtsy for the Queen at a private family lunch not realizing it was not exclusive for professional engagements. While Meghan kept thinking this was Prince Harry’s grandmother, Harry reminded her she was the Queen.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton made Meghan cry

Rumours from tabloid broke that Markle “made Kate cry” during the preparations for her wedding over flower girl dresses. After the rumour broke Markle says, “it was a turning point.” Oprah asks Markle why no one from the institution respondoned, Markle says “that’s a good question.” The tabloid rumours were a few of the many headlines written about Meghan, feeding into the narrative of a “hero and a villain.” 

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy with Archie

The institution had control on whether or not Archie would be given a title as prince. While many believed that it was Harry and Meghan’s decision, Markle shares it was not. The narrative was Meghan and Harry did not want to take a photo after the birth of Archie, they were never asked to do a picture. Meghan shares she had fear set around Archie and his safety. Numerous conversations and concerns about “how dark” the future baby would be, when born. These conversations were relayed to Meghan from Harry. Meghan says “it would be damaging to reveal” referring to who these conversations were with.

Meghan says “I didn’t want to be alive anymore”

In a heartbreaking moment, Meghan experienced suicidal thoughts while not knowing who to turn to for support. Meghan turned to one of Princess Diana’s friends for help. Meghan spoke to a senior royal about needing help. Meghan was told she couldn’t because it “wouldn’t be good for the institution.” Markle then went to human resources for help, the response was “my heart goes out to you but there is nothing we can do to help you because you’re not a paid employee of the institution.” Meghan reminds people why you should always be kind because you never know what is happening “behind closed doors.”

Harry and Meghan did not blindside the Queen

In the second-half of the two hour special, Prince Harry joins in. He chimes in sharing that his biggest concern was “history repeating itself.” Meghan pointed out that they never were trying to leave the family, “we wanted to step back from senior royals.” Other members of the institution are not senior royals while still taking part in royal engagements in service of the Queen. The tipping point for wanting to leave was exhausting all their options to seek help but not receiving it. Harry and Meghan put rumours to rest, stating they never blindsided the Queen as he states “I have too much respect for her.”

These were a few of the jaw dropping moments from the interview. Tables have turned for numerous tabloid headlines – it was the institution that did not make Archie a prince, Kate made Meghan cry and they never blindsided the Queen. This interview has been a tell-all, holding back nothing. 


Sonia Tumkur is currently studying journalism and double minoring in public relations and sociology at Ryerson University. She is interested in all things social and tech and can't live without her daily cup of coffee. In her spare time, you can find her going on a run or exploring Toronto coffee shops.
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