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Emily in Paris – Emily’s Best and Worst Outfits From Season 2

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Emily, Gabriel, Alfie – the love triangle you didn’t know you needed. You’d think that by living in Paris and working for a well-known marketing firm, Emily would have adapted to the chic Parisian fashion world, but I’d say that she had more misses than hits. Nonetheless, let me break down my least favourite and favourite looks from Season Two.

Oh, mon Dieu – Sylvie wouldn’t approve

1. Cotton Candy Confusion – Episode 3

I really hate this outfit. The cardigan isn’t that bad, but the combination of the newsboy hat and parachute pants (which gives the illusion of a skirt) is too much. The bottom sits at a weird knee-length and the colours in the beret seem to clash with each other. I would’ve preferred if the top didn’t have the furry, bright pink trim along the neckline. Moving down to her hands, why is she wearing white fingerless gloves? She looks like she’s about to go mountain biking. Surprisingly, I don’t entirely hate the purse by Salvatore Ferragamo but I do think that it was a poor choice with this outfit. The outfit screams confused, which is Emily’s constant state throughout the series.

2. Scrap Fabric Dress – Episode 2

The first thought I had when I looked at this dress was: “She cut out parts of old dresses and sewed them together.” I think there’s way too much going on in this outfit. Every part of this Dolce & Gabbana dress is a different pattern, including the straps. I do like the black and red print alone but I would’ve preferred if the dress was just a single pattern. Her Christian Louboutin bag is definitely eye-catching and shows Emily’s quirky personality, but it added to the already-busy dress and was distracting. You’d expect something more classy for St.Tropez.

3. Circus Tent – Episode 5

Emily, you should know by now that you need to leave yellow alone. You’ve had three failed attempts with the colour. Please, for the love of Pierre Cadault and Gossip Girl, leave it be. The blazer is cute and certainly a statement piece—my problem is what she paired under it. The race car pattern shirt with a neon green trim and, for lack of a better term, an ugly skirt, do not go together. The only thing I love about this outfit is the Dolce and Gabbana crossbody. It’s so unique and a true accent piece. I’d buy that bag for myself (if I could afford it) but the rest of the outfit is a hard pass for me.

4. Sunshine Mime – Episode 9

I have one question for Miss Cooper: What were you thinking?! The jumpsuit – not bad. The Mary Jane’s, cute (not my personal choice but to each their own). What I want to know is, did she really think she was onto something with the beret and jacket? Once again, the fingerless gloves make an appearance, but this time in yellow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love yellow; it’s a great colour but why did she have to ruin a completely good jumpsuit with all that? If you look closely, the jumpsuit’s print actually has people on bicycles. It’s kind of tacky but it looked like flowers from far away.

5. Big Bird – Episode 10

I think Emily missed her audition for Big Bird on Sesame Street. I know, it’s a bit harsh, but the bright yellow see-through raincoat is not it. It serves no purpose, nor does it go with the rest of her outfit. She paired it with random items (including a map shirt?) that just looks like one big mess. The boots are a bold choice, although, from a practical standpoint, they don’t serve much purpose. She could have definitely paired certain pieces from the outfit with others, but regardless, I hate the Big Bird jacket.

I’m no Pierre Cadault but now that I’ve completely hated on Emily’s outfits, let me bring out some outfits that I am a fan of.

Oh la la – c’est magnifique

1. The French Audrey – Episode 2

This outfit is an absolute masterpiece. Emily is giving me major Audrey Hepburn vibes in this purple dress and jacket combo. She looks simple yet classy and elegant in the monochromatic purple piece (with just the right amount of sparkle), paired with the Valentino mini dress and the Courreges cropped leather jacket. Everything from her hair (which is just so flawless) to her shoes was so well thought out. This might be my favourite ensemble from all of Season Two.

2. A little Sequins Moment – Episode 1

Now, although I’m not a fan of anything sparkly or bright, I am a fan of this Isabel Marant dress that Emily wears to Mindy’s opening drag show performance. Let me preface this by saying that I could do without the coat paired with this dress, but both items on their own look good. The dress’ asymmetrical one-shoulder makes it that much more intriguing and its length and colour look great on Emily. The thing that makes this dress become an outfit is her hair. Emily’s hairstylist needs a raise because her hair is always on point. She looks very classy and elegant and the sequins add a fun and youthful look to the mix.

3. Pascal’s Purple Promotion – Episode 2

If you remember the promos from Emily in Paris Season Two, then you must remember this outfit. This was the same open-back dress that Lily Collins is wearing in the promotional posters. In the show, Emily shows up in this beautiful Magali Pascal purple sundress. The high-low front, plunging neckline and open back make for a flowy but eye-catching piece. Finished off with some platform heels, oversized sunglasses and a Carel bag, this outfit is a hit. If dresses could talk, I bet this one would tell us all about the adventures on Grégory Elliot Duprée’s yacht.

4. An Outfit For a Rainy Day – Episode 3

Fourth on the list is this underrated outfit from when Emily and Gabriel get caught in the rain after going grocery shopping. Emily sports a casual ensemble consisting of an orange lace Self-Portrait dress and an oversized, vintage Hermes bomber jacket. She finishes the look off with some white sandals and a neon green grocery bag. My favourite thing about this outfit is the jacket. I think it pulls the look together while making it casual, chic and perfect for the chilly rain. Fun fact: The jacket is silk and reversible!

5. The 60s Queen of Hearts – Episode 5

Now, I know this isn’t everyone’s favourite outfit, but I’m really happy with Emily’s choice for the Savoir party. She looks very chic in this white and red heart dress by Georgia-based designer, Anouki. It’s simple enough, but still shows her personality and her constant hunt for love. The thing that I love most is the way her hair is done. The outfit is inspired by the ’60s and I absolutely love that. I like how she kept up a red and white colour scheme, styling the dress with red shoes, a white headband and a bold red lip. It’s a yes for me.

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