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Five New Fall Trends That Make Me Wish I Had Somewhere To Go

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We’re on the brink of the fall season and I’ve never been more excited to trade in cropped tees for some cozy, layered sweaters.

Fall is the perfect in-between season for us Canadians: we get to be creative with our own styles, not worrying too much about whether we’ll be sweating buckets or freezing cold. 

This year, I’m more inspired than usual by the resurgence of so many chic designs that I probably would have raised an eyebrow at just a few years ago. 


I used to hate loafers with a burning passion; I saw them strictly as old lady shoes, but I was so wrong. Sure, they’re definitely not for everyone, but the sleek shoes add a classic vibe to any outfit. I’m currently obsessing over the Bleyze Woman pair from (wait for it…) Geox. I haven’t shopped there in years, but I’m currently checking daily for a restock. 

Cargo Pants

After taking a few notes from the street style I saw at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, I realized a lot of people were wearing cargo pants. For some reason, this was another style I was really unsteady about, but paired with the right outfit, cargo pants can really be a great staple piece for this season. I personally love the Cozy Fleece Mega Cargo Pant from Aritzia for its appealing aesthetic and comfy feel. 

Chunky Boots

Chunky. Boots. I’m obsessed. Whether they’re knee high, boot cut, platformed or not, the chunky style is so appealing to me. These boots offer the comfort of dad shoes in the summer, but with a whole different vibe. My favourite right now is this knee high pair from Zara that I think could really enhance any outfit. 


Blazers have always been somewhat in, but this year, I’m so in love with business casual street-style. I’m still not a huge fan of the more masculine silhouette on myself, nor anything that looks too business-y, but the I. AM. GIA. Synopsis Belted Blazer caught my eye and instantly won my heart. It’s currently unavailable online, but tons of resellers on websites like Depop or Poshmark have them available at a more reasonable price.

Cowboy boots

Last, but definitely not least. To be honest, this was a style I never expected, but that I’m definitely on board with. The first time I saw cowboy boots implemented into street style was when it was paired with a floral midi-dress, and I knew right then that it was the start of a beautiful obsession. I really love the unique ability that the boots have to really tie an outfit together––plus it’s very transferable to the fall. Add on a chunky knit sweater or even a blazer (wink wink) and you have yourself a whole new outfit. 

Fall is the perfect time for us to reinvent ourselves, and fashion is an exciting way to show off a brand new you! Especially with the pressure of this new semester, playing around with new looks and allowing yourself to be creative is the perfect thing to keep us all (semi) sane.

So, grab some cowboy boots and kick your feet up before logging into your next Zoom class… you might just feel a tiny bit more productive knowing how great you look!

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Madison is a journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto. She’s lived in Toronto her whole life, but hopes to travel and see the world after she graduates. Writing has always been her passion, and getting to earn a degree doing what she loves is a dream come true.
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