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3 Fall Fashion Tips to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Fall – the colourful season when the leaves begin to change as we sip on warm pumpkin spice lattes and burn scented candles. Colder weather is approaching, so it’s time to start considering how you’ll dress comfortably, all still while still being stylish and eye-catching. 

This time of year symbolizes change, gradually adapting from crop tops and shorts to cozy sweaters and jeans. You may want to begin experimenting with a variety of different clothes you usually wouldn’t wear, breaking out of your comfort zone. Here are three fall fashion tips that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a lovely fashionista this season. 

Stick to a colour scheme

Try experimenting with more neutral colours, ditching the neon greens and bright yellows of summertime. Wearing muted shades like gray, khaki, olive green and burgundy or even black helps us resemble nature. The earthy tones of autumn are very calming and can relieve us of worries. Try to incorporate those warm-toned colours into your fall wardrobe, and I’m sure they’ll be having you look even more welcoming than you already are. 

Have statement pieces

I’ve learned it’s essential to have statement pieces when it comes to your fall wardrobe. You can easily mix and match when you’re sticking with particular items of clothing. Trench coats on top of turtlenecks with boyfriend jeans tucked into combat boots can sharpen up your appearance. Statement pieces will steadily help you develop your own unique style, whether it’s more sophisticated or casual.


I feel that accessorizing your fall wardrobe has to be the most enjoyable thing to do. These are simple things that will complete your look and help direct attention to a specific clothing item. For example, berets and decorative scarves do a great job of showing what you want to emphasize within your outfit. Even small sunglasses or small gold earrings can be an effortless way of expressing yourself. Accessories are key to displaying your style and personality. 

So I’ve let you all in on the three fall fashion tips that I’ll be using to enhance my wardrobe this season. Growing up, fall was special to me; the idea of change was something that motivated me because it gave the impression of having a fresh start. Sometimes the easiest way to start this change along with the season, is through your wardrobe. 

I'm a third-year student at Ryerson University majoring in English. I've always loved and had an interest in reading and creative writing, especially poetry. I'm excited to be writing for Her Campus, and I hope to enhance my writing skills while making a positive impact on readers.
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