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10 Places to Have Your Next Coffee Date

Step 1: Land yourself a coffee date 

It’s classic, it’s casual, and it’s easy, A.K.A the perfect setting for a first date!

Step 2: Find a setting

Step one may be up to you but if you can get yourself that far, we’ve got you covered for the rest.

Here they are…

The 10 best cafes for a Ryerson coffee date (in order of distance)

1) Starbucks Let’s start with one that everyone is familiar with. If you’re not a huge coffee person, Starbucks is probably your best bet. The popular chain offers affordable teas, Ice coffees, fruity refreshments and all different flavours of frappuccinos, (and if you still can’t decide what to get) just ask your barista to reccomend something! They’re more than happy to help you out. Concerning location, theres at least five starbucks within a ten minute walking distance of Ryerson. The closest is definitly the SLC’s very own- which if you didn’t already know, is located right on the first floor. The next closest option is located at the corner of Church and Gerrard, just east of Victoria street, which has more of an authenitic sit down coffee shop vibe. Others include 209 Victoria St, 167 Church St, and 347 Yonge St.


                                                                                             Photo by Emma Johnston-Wheeler

2) Balzacs Located on Gould St, right in the centre of campus, this cafe also has more of a genuine coffee shop feel. It has tons of space to sit and though often packed, Balzacs offers a very laid back atmosphere which is great for studying or simply getting to know your date. And the best part- you can pay with your Ryerson one card if you have a meal plan! Not to mention, the small hand full of baristas that work there are all incredibly charismatic and are likely to know your order by heart after just a few visits. Plan your date for earlier in the morning or later at night if you want to avoid the crowds. 


                                                                                            Photo via instagram Kate Afunkago

3) Page One Slightly more on the expensive side but definitely worth it for the scenary. Page One, located at 106 Mutual St (just to the right of Ryerson’s International Living Centre) is one of your classiest options. As both a bar and cafe, its sultry atmosphere duals as a setting for casual interactions and romantic ones, (especially later at night when they switch out the over head lights for candles). If you head to the back of the cafe, it get’s even cozier with a set of couches and a table of board games to pick from (since saturday night is ‘games night’ at Page One). 


                                                                                            Photos via Instagram Page One

4) The Black Canary Expresso Bar Haven’t heard this name before? Maybe you’ve heard of the comic book shop that it’s located in- the Silver Snail, which can be found at 329 Yonge St, right beside Five Guys burgers and fries (not even five minutes away). It’s a comic book themed cafe overlooking Yonge St, perfect for the comic connieseur or simply for a more creative date setting. It’s also one of the few places if not only to get a Nutella flavoured latte (or what they call a ‘Hot Nutellacino’) in Toronto.


                                                                                                        Photo via Instagram Alyssa Gomez 

5) Versus Located at 70 Adelaide E, Versus Coffee is only a 15 m walk from the Ryerson Campus. Versus is especially big on Lattes if that happens to be your preference- coining variations of the classic drink that you can’t get anywhere else! Two of the most popular are the S’More Latte and the Campfire Latte, so if trying something new is your idea of an ideal date, this just might be the cafe for you.


                                                                                                 Photos courtesy of Kellen Gardner

6) Hailed Located at 801 Gerrard St E, Hailed Coffee is just about a 20 m trek from Ryerson (via TTC). This place is all about flavour and aesthetic so whether you’re simply in it for a really good cup of Joe or looking to set a cute vibe, you’ll find yourself in the right place. If you haven’t tried their coffee and still have doubts, Hailed has written a perfect flavour description right on their website: “We serve locally roasted high-grade coffee beans and infuse our drinks with an in-house specialty, the Hailed shot. Hail in Arabic is cardamom, an essential condiment added to Arabic Coffee. This aromatic and precious ingredient is gently cracked and added at the right time to the simmering coffee. Hail adds a delectable smoothness and aroma to the coffee. Leave it in too long and it turns bitter. Keep it in for just enough and you have the perfect dallah, a.k.a pot. Hail is then carefully filtered out after it has released its natural flavors.” If that doesn’t have you convinced, we don’t know what does!


                                                                                             Photo courtesy of Kellen Gardner 

7) Sorry Coffee Co An expresso bar by the brand Kit & Ace, a unisex clothing company originally based out of Vancouver. This chic place is located at 102 Bloor St W, also a 20 m TTC ride away from Ryerson. If you’re a fan of expresso, Sorry Coffee Co has been said to be one of Toronto’s contendors for the best.


                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Kellen Gardner

8) Snakes & Lattes A board game cafe with a whole wall of games to choose from! Snakes & Lattes has two locations, both just about 20 minutes away via TTC. You can ride the subway over to the Annex (600 Bloor St. W) or jump on a street car down to 489 College St. Even if you want to go just to play the games (without ordering any food or drink) you can do that too and simply pay the small cover: $5 at College and $6 at the Annex. If you do decide to eat though, you might be excited to know that the food options venture beyond your typical cafe menu with not just baked goods but also options like popcorn, homemade Mac and Cheese and milkshakes! It’s the perfect casual setting to have have some fun.


                                                                                            Photos via Instagram Snakes & Lattes

 9) Boxcar Social Combine your coffee date with a nice view and head down to the harbourfront! 235 Queen’s Quay W (one of Boxcar’s three locations) is also only about 25 m away via ttc. After concluding at the cafe (assuming you still like your date) the harbourfront provides the perfect excuse to walk down by the water’s edge so the two of you can keep talking. In the summer, take the whole experience outside and enjoy an ice coffee on the cafe patio overlooking Lake Ontario. 


                                                                                             Photo courtesy of Kellen Gardner

10) Oretta Another one for those of you who appreciate a good aesthetic! Located at 633 King St W, Oretta is the furthest but quite possibly the most beautiful option for your coffee date. The interior is absolutely gorgeous. Concerning food, you have the cafe for your typical quick bites but also traditional Itilian dishes should you choose to enjoy a real meal. It’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a little romance! Maybe you’ll even get a cool photo op out of it.


                                                                                             Photos courtesy of Kellen Gardner

Now Step 3enjoy your date! Let us know which cafe you decided to go to on twitter @HCRyerson or check us out on Instagram @hercampusryerson!

Ryerson Journalism Student and Blogger living in Toronto. earthtoemma.weebly.com
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