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10 Movies to Get You Out of Your Winter Blues

It’s now March but spring can often feel ages away. Fear not though, the first official day of spring is March 19 and Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring this year. Whether or not you choose to put your faith into a groundhog, spring is going to make its appearance one way or another. 

If you feel like you’re having a hard time getting through this last stretch of winter, check out this list of movies that will remind you of warmer weather and all it brings.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (2005)

Following the unique summers of four best friends, Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget, this movie is great to watch with the ones you can’t wait to spend your summer with. Since the four girls are spending their summers far away from one another, they decided to share a pair of pants that fits each one of them perfectly. Why not, right? It’s nifty. Maybe you won’t be basking in the Grecian sun or leading your team at soccer camp, but the connections with your best friends will make your summer enjoyable.

The Parent Trap” (1998)

If you think you’re seeing doubles of Lindsay Lohan, you aren’t hallucinating. No, she does not have a twin in real life but she does in the movie, The Parent Trap. Separated when they were young, Hallie and Annie are identical twins that had no idea each other existed until by chance, they found each other at summer camp. Hallie, coming from California and Annie all the way from England, quickly put their plan of getting their parents back together in action. While steering clear of Hallie’s father’s girlfriend Meredith Blake, the girls are determined to reignite their parent’s love for one another.

Aquamarine” (2006)

After the mermaid Aquamarine sets out to prove that love really exists on land, she meets two best friends, Claire and Hailey. As she falls for dreamy lifeguard, Raymond, the girls try desperately to get their new mermaid friend a date with him. The complimenting starfish earrings worn by Aquamarine aren’t the only ones gushing about how great this trio is. When the pull of the ocean tries to drag Aquamarine back into the water, her human friends show their own acts of love to keep her safe.

High School Musical 2” (2007)

Everyone has their favourite High School Musical movie, but I think we can all agree that the second one got everyone hyped for all the possibilities that summer could bring. Right from the beginning when the last bell rings, everyone knows it’s summertime. What could be better than having your entire squad working at the same golf course all summer long? Goodbye Ms. Darbus, hello sunshine! From the fabulous dance numbers to the dilemma over who enjoys the brownies that Gabriella’s mom makes the best, it’s a movie to remember.

RV” (2006) 

Have you ever stayed in an RV before? This movie starring Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, JoJo, and a young Josh Hutcherson takes you on a wild family vacation. Maybe not a family vacation that is met with complete enthusiasm, but the end result will have you yearning to rent your own RV in no time. An opportunity to hit the road with your family doesn’t come everyday and the thrill of driving up steep mountain sides, singing classic hits on the radio and encountering hospitable neighbours is enough to keep you dreaming of your own RV adventure long into the summer.

Stand By Me” (1986)

Stand By Me is a classic coming of age movie that follows four young boys who try to find their missing friend. The film is told from the perspective of one of the boys as an adult who recounts all the trials and tribulations he and his friends endured. Each friend faces different challenges that they must overcome and explains their hopes for the future. Realizing that times are changing and growing up is inevitable, the boys make the most of their summer adventure. Standing up to terrorizing big brothers and persevering through leech-infested times, this movie will hit you in the summer feels for sure.

Jaws” (1975)

Alright, this might not be the movie you want to watch before heading to your beach vacation but we cannot deny that this movie had a heck of an impact on society in general and the movie making process. This movie unfortunately gave sharks a bad reputation as the villains of the ocean, however a lot of conservation effort has been put forward to changing that. Back in 1975, Steven Spielberg didn’t have the kind of technology that he is used to today. Taking another look at the shark itself, you’ll wonder why you ever had nightmares about it in the first place! 

The Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003)

Sing the tunes of a summer vacation to me, Paolo! After watching this movie, who didn’t dream about going to Rome with their friends and being mistaken as a pop sensation, ultimately to perform on stage for millions? After finishing middle school, Lizzie and her classmates get to go on the trip of a lifetime. While on this trip, she soon finds herself preparing to sing live with pop sensation, Paolo. Lizzie assumes the role of his partner, Isabella, whom she shares an uncanny resemblance. If you’re on a roll with binging the Lizzie McGuire series, you might as well flip over to the movie and enjoy it some more.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2” (2005)

After the Baker family relocated to Chicago for their father’s new job, they found that they were going in opposite directions. The 12 kids were either grown up and had moved out or growing up, so what better way to seize the summer than rent out a memorable cottage on the lake? What they didn’t expect was to be right across the lake from dad Tom Baker’s former arch rival, Jimmy Murtaugh. The rivalry is ignited once again as the two dads try and outdo each other in any way possible. You can bet on some warm, fuzzy family heart-to-heart moments to leave you with a smile.

The Sandlot” (1993)

Summer: the season of swimming in your pool, everlasting daylight and more importantly, baseball. The Sandlot is narrated by adult Scotty Smalls. He recounts the best summer of his life as he learned to play baseball after moving to a new town in the 1960’s. With rival baseball teams and a notorious monster behind the fence, the boys learn to play as one with each other. Led by Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, Scotty picks up valuable skills in not only baseball but friendship as well. Overall, this one’s a classic sports movie that just makes you want to pick up your glove and bat and play ball.

Whether you’re going to be spending your spring or summer working, still in school, or travelling the globe, it’s nice to have uplifting and warm weathered thoughts to accompany you.

Claire is in her third year of journalism at Ryerson and seems to be sort of on track to finding her niche in writing. She likes hanging out with her friends, trying new recipes for dinner and never feeling guilty about how much chocolate she eats. You can catch her up in the 500 level at the Rogers Centre with her Blue Jays shirt on, cheering for her favourite baseball team and raving about Bo Bichette’s hair.
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