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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at RW chapter.

Are you in college, beginning a new career or just need to cushion life with an extra side hustle right now? There’s more out there than you think! Use your natural talent and efforts to set yourself up to fly. 


1. Manage Social Media For Small businesses 

  • You’ve grown up with it, use your skills to inform the people who didn’t! 

2. Create an online course

  • Don’t sell yourself short, if you’re in school, passionate, or knowledgeable in a certain context, create an online course! Your voice is valuable and if you are able to create and sell a worthwhile class, people will enroll!

3. Write an Ebook

  • Similarly to creating your own online course, if you can offer others value, go for it! Write it, teach it, etc. Business is simply an exchange of value, so put yours out there!

4. Teach a language

  • Now that Zoom is all too convenient, allow yourself to take advantage of all the opportunities it has created. Use Zoom to teach English to children in Spanish speaking countries, etc. 

5. House Sit 

  • Advertise your services to keep those who are away on a long vacation, have an emergency, or are amidst moving to have you perform as their safety net in making sure that their home is not being tampered with. 

6. Teach Driving Lessons to Students 

  • Help out where you can!

7. Create and App

  • Do you see a need for an App where there is none? 

  • Take the chance, it could blow up!

8. Give Tours 

  • You may have an abundance of knowledge about the history and life of your town or a community you are a part of, share the knowledge and get a profit at the same time. 

9. Start a business that fulfills a need in your community 

  • Use your unique talents, or maybe something you’re already doing on your own, and offer that service to others. 

10. Passive Income 

  • Use saved money to make you money. 

  • Storage, Rentals, Silent Investor, Vending Machine business, Airbnb etc. 


All in all, side hustles will give you nothing but experiences, extra cash in your pocket, and the growth of your own skills and abilities. You really can do it all if you are determined to, so consider taking the chance and add a side hustle to your daily grind.

Hi, I'm Hannah! I am a Senior Marketing major at Roger Williams University. I love to design clothing, go swimming and thrift with my friends. HerCampus is such an authentic way for women to come together and see how connected we all really are. xoxo
Hi, I'm Jessie, the Campus Coordinator and Founder of Her Campus at Roger Williams University! I am a senior majoring in Communication and Media Studies and minoring in Marketing and Graphic Design. When not in school, I love to work out, shop, listen to music and spend time with my friends!