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If you’re reading this you have to be a lover of rom-coms like myself. Need some new (and not so new) romantic comedies to watch? Netflix is the place for both great and newer Netflix content as well as 90’s and 2000’s movies that give just the right amount of nostalgia that makes you want to be 25 and single during that time. Here’s a list of my favorite rom-coms on Netflix right now: 


1. Set It Up

This is one of the best Netflix original movies! It is about two overworked assistants (Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell) who work in the same building and decide to set up their bosses (Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs) so they can get them off their backs. And of course, it should be no surprise that while the two are scheming up their plan, they start to fall for one another. This movie is not only super cute, but hilarious. Also, Pete Davidson has a cameo of playing the gay roommate which is just the cherry on top to this great rom-com. 


2. Holidate 

Although it may seem like a Christmas movie, this Netflix rom-com is actually about every major holiday. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey play two strangers who meet at a mall and decide to be each other’s “holidate” after they are both fed up being single around holidays. These two have great chemistry and there are some very funny scenes. If you’re single, this movie will for sure resonate with you. 


3. Love, Guaranteed 

If you love New Girl, you MUST watch this! Damon Wayans Jr. (Coach!) plays a guy who has been on almost 1,000 dates from the dating app Love, Guaranteed. He decides to hire a lawyer (Rachael Leigh Cook) and sue the dating app company. This movie isn’t as strong as the other two Netflix originals, but is definitely worth watching. 


4. Legally Blonde

I mean, come on. Netflix just added this classic starring Reese Witherspoon as a Harvard Law student trying to get her ex-boyfriend back (who always plays Alaric from Vampire Diaries?) but actually discovers her passion of being a lawyer. If you haven’t seen this movie, please stop reading and go watch it now.


5. Friends With Benefits 

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake become friends with benefits. Need I say more? 


6. My Best Friend’s Wedding 

We love a Julia Roberts rom-com! Dermot Mulroney is so cute in this as well as a super young Cameron Diaz who plays his new fiancé. Julia Roberts plays the best friend who tries to win him back after discovering she’s in love with him. The ending is unexpected, but also refreshing. 



Honorable Mentions:

-The Wedding Planner

-Crazy Stupid Love

-Two Weeks Notice 

-The Kissing Booth series 


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