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5 Things to Remember During Your Job Search

As a senior in college during this pandemic, searching for a job has been more difficult than normal. The job market is low, and also competitive since many of the seniors from 2020 continue to hunt for jobs. Because the initial job search can feel tiresome and defeating, here are 5 tips to remember to stay positive and to help aid your job search process!


1. If you don’t get the job, it wasn’t meant to be 

Getting that rejection email or phone call can feel defeating, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t forget you are interviewing the company or organization too to see if it is a good fit for you. Remember that it wasn’t meant to be and another opportunity will come your way. It might feel like the end all be all, but know it will lead you to something even better.


2. Check job postings every day 

Whether you are looking at LinkedIn, Indeed, or Handshake, make sure you are checking for new jobs every day, if not multiple times a day! This can seem daunting but new jobs are constantly being added, and being one of the first applicants can help you stand out. With the current competitive market, the position may be filled quickly.  


3. Message employers you are interested in

Some companies and organizations do not always post open positions, or are always looking to hire more people. Find a person of contact for an employer you are interested in, either through LinkedIn or the employer website. Reach out to them to start a conversation! You never know what exactly they are looking for, and it is a good practice of networking. 


4. Reach out to alumni 

If you know alumni who are in your field of interest, reach out to them! Alumni of your university are always happy to talk about their place of work. They are a great way to network, and could be the missing piece you need to get that job you want. Who knows, maybe you could end up working with them!


5. Be patient and take your time 

There is no rush in getting your dream job. It may take weeks to hear back from employers, so be patient and do not lose hope. Everyone experiences a different job search process in terms of difficulty or length. The right job will come your way.

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