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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

When women are faced with adversity, they strike back. January 18, 2018 women of all different backgrounds came together to march for their rights. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to this march with my friends.

The Night Before the March

I had the great fortune of staying at a hotel in New York City the night before the march. In this very hotel room, my friends and I made posters for the march. It was a great time to bond and talk about important issues that women face on a daily basis, from sexism in the workplace to domestic violence. The more and more we talked about these issues, I felt that it was our generation’s responsibility to resist the patriarchy and let our voice be heard. These stimulating conversations made me even more eager for the women’s march the next day. In this small hotel room my friends and I stayed in, we played empowering music and made posters to show off at the march the next day. It was the best girls trip I could have ever asked for.


My friend making her poster, it says “Our bodies, our minds, our power”


The Day of the March

I put my Girl Power shirt on and was ready to unleash all of my energy into this march. New York City is always crowded, but when I stepped out of the hotel room I saw so many women. Seeing this diverse crowd of women made me realize how important intersectional feminism is. Not only were their women, but there were also many men and the age range of people who participated varied, from children to senior citizens, many people were there to support the march. Everyone who came out to really shattered all kinds of stereotypes that surround feminism. Anyone can and should support equal rights, because it’s not just a fight women are fighting. The march took place near Central Park. This whole time I felt very happy, because I knew everyone who was participating was there for a good cause. The saying that “together we are infinite” really struck a chord with me while I was marching. I got to talk to many different people from all over the spectrum, and felt so proud when others took pictures of my poster and my friends. I felt like I was a part of something important, and something that would be marked in history as movement. One of my favorite posters said “The power in people is greater than the people in power.” This may sound cheesy, but every thing about the march felt absolutely magical. There was this positive energy exuding from everyone. It also reminded me of all the problems women from not only in America, but all over the world face. It motivated me to do my research on certain issues like disability rights and immigrant rights. It is up to us to make a change and fight for the greater good. If you did not participate this year, it is definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their life. I was there fighting for every single woman who does not have the opportunity to fight for what they believe in.  

Pictured is a woman at the march. Her poster says “The rise of women= The rise of the nation”





My friends and I with our posters