What You Should Get Your Significant Other For The Holidays

Gift-giving for friends is easy because there’s less pressure for it to be perfect and chances are, you know exactly what to get them. But when it comes to a significant other, it can be a bit tricker, especially if you’re still getting to know one another. As obvious as it may sound, the trick is honing in on a hobby or something else they love and getting creative with it. Keep on reading to figure out just the right gift!


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This is a relatively simple gift that is still luxurious and elegant. This gift can be easily personalized, though. Try to take the time to find a scent that reminds you of the person you’re gifting it to or that you think embodies and fits the personality of the person. Go one step further and include a letter explaining why you picked that scent specifically and how it reminds you of them and your partner will definitely be left swooning!

Concert Tickets

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Not only is this gift sure to make them ecstatic but it can turn into a super romantic date moment. Find a band or artist your partner loves that’s having a tour and buy tickets for the both of you. Your partner will love it and so will you as you enjoy the show with them.

Sports Tickets

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If your partner is a sports lover, tickets to see their favorite team is another gift they’re sure to love. Buy tickets for them and a friend or you could buy a ticket for yourself and accompany them. Even if you’re not a sports lover, they’ll appreciate the sentiment because you will be showing them that you want to spend time doing something they love.

Find An Item Related To A Hobby They Love

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If the items above still don’t sound like the perfect gifts for your partner, try brainstorming things they would like related to a hobby they love doing or a show or movie that they love watching. This could be a merch item from a show or a prop replica from a movie. For me, my boyfriend loves to do photography in his free time and he loves anything vintage. For Christmas, I got him a Polaroid camera but I purchased one from the 90s rather than a newer updated model because I know he’ll love the novelty of it. When you buy something for your partner that closely relates to their hobbies, they’ll see how much you pay attention to them.

It isn’t always easy trying to find the perfect gift for a significant other, but hopefully, these tips will ensure you get them a gift they really love. You can use these tips for birthday or anniversary gifts as well so that every gift you give them is just as good as the last!