We Got All The Cozy Winter Outfits To Help You Chill Out

Winter outfits are often covered heavy jackets, and coats that might discourage you from dressing up underneath those heavy garbs. However, the beauty of winter outfits lies in their ability to warm you up, while maintaining a level of coziness as you “sleigh” your chilly days. The excitement of having an elegant, fun outfit to start off the day is a huge motivator for me to get out of my comfortable bed and face the drastic chilly outdoors. Winter is daunting but your closet does not have to be. The Her Campus Rutgers team decided to give you some ideas to spice up your winter collection.

Divya Chandorkar

"Hello hello! The pictured outfit was inspired by my new pants. I’m currently very into the business casual look but this mood coincides with my everlasting love and obsession with collecting pants. Hence, this outfit. The picture quality does not reveal the pink and maroon undertones in the pants, but these undertones are what inspired both the turtleneck and the maroon boots as items that would balance and accentuate the colors in the pants. This outfit is great for work (if you work in a business casual environment), or even for going to class. (Thank you, Black Friday)."

Bonnie DeAlmeida

"So this outfit has actually been my all time favorite for this year’s winter! For the sake of fashion, I’ve sacrificed the warmth of my knees with the fishnet for that extra edgy look. Even better I paired it all with a mesh long sleeve shirt and a neutral choker while rocking my go-to Adidas Superstar spinoff Nike sneakers. Although you can’t quite see but I’m also wearing a couple statement rings that add that final detail to complete the look! This outfit is great for anyone looking to add some spice and genre to their usual look without looking overbearing or unapproachable. Just never forget to keep a smile on, grab yourself a good fluffy coat and you’re good to go!"

PS: Picture was taken at our lovely Busch Library of Science and Medicine.

Hannah Javed

Accessories! Details! Fun! This outfit consists of jeans (unpictured), a semi-cropped striped sweater, a navy blue peacoat, a gray hat, and brown gloves. One of my favorite things about this outfit is the way the items correspond to each other without necessarily matching. For example, the simple black belt paired so nicely with the stripes on the sweater to add a casual look and a little detail to the outfit. I really enjoyed the color scheme fo this look because it consisted of all darker colors that are reflective of the cloudy, indigo blue skies sometimes seen during the winter. The hat and gloves, while serving as wonderful accessories, did a great job at keeping me in the brisk, cold weather. This outfit combined a casual aesthetic while keeping me warm.

Don't let the dry winter air make your day-to-day looks feel dry. The tips offered above range from business casual to just casual. If you need some winter inspo, feel free to channel your creative side and recreate one of the looks mentioned above. Stay warm and cozy! 

All pictures included within the article courtesy of the contributors.