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Ways We’ve Almost Died on Campus

Crossing the Street

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Crossing the street can be pretty dangerous on the Rutgers Campus, and it’s basically unavoidable if you want to actually want to, you know, go to class, feed yourself, live your life, etc. Rutgers students love joking about getting hit by a Rutgers bus so they can get free tuition (that’s not true btw, it’s a myth, so don’t bother) and possibly get an extension on their dreaded upcoming project or research paper. However, it’s in those moments when you actually don’t want to get hit by anything at all, on your way to hand in an essay you spent all week on or on your way to get some grub at your fave local eatery, that these Rutgers Buses or vehicles decide they feel like actually running you over.



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Dying in an elevator is probably one of the least ideal ways of kicking the bucket. Some of the residence halls on campus have elevators that residents use on a daily basis, it really isn’t something you think about, but when you do, it’s probably because you’ve found yourself trapped in one. Odds are, it’s usually after a long day and on your way back from picking up some late night take-out, and because luck is on your side, you’ll probably have some awkward strangers huddled up with you in the elevator car to keep you company, when the elevator decides to keep you within its hold. It’s pretty funny at first, like really? Seriously? But then it gets stuffy and you get tired of standing and making small talk with these other residents you hope you never have to see ever again. Thankfully, maintenance is pretty on point once someone realizes the elevator has a few captives, and have gotten people out of them ASAP.


The Chair

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There is a very iconic chair that every student who lives on campus is probably very familiar with. It’s not the friendliest or comfiest seat in the world, however, it does get the job done and that’s what most students appreciate for. But, what it isn’t appreciated for is its tendency to give students heart attacks. A particularly naive, unseasoned, and vulnerable student will be caught off guard by the chair if they’re not already familiar with it, with one wrong swing of the leg or readjustment they’ll be flung back to their death, their young life flashing before their eyes, only to be caught by the sweet embrace of the back of the chair.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Keoni Nguyen is a former undergrad student at Rutgers University and the former Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Rutgers (2018-2019).
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