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Unique Twists on Thanksgiving Classics


Everyone knows the staples of Thanksgiving. Besides family drama and relatives asking you about your nonexistent boyfriend or plans for the future, you can also expect the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. At some point though, eating the same thing every year gets boring—not to mention the even more boring leftovers you’ll be having for the next few weeks. This Thanksgiving, switch things up a bit and try one of these twists on Thanksgiving cult classics:



Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are delicious, but if you’re looking for a sweeter and healthier option, try mashed sweet potatoes instead. Sweet potatoes are a great option for a healthier Thanksgiving dinner because they are lower in fat, and are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. This recipe from Allrecipes is very simple, requiring only sweet potatoes, butter, milk and maple syrup to taste.


Balsamic Cherry Sauce


A twist on the quintessential cranberry sauce, balsamic cherry sauce is definitely something you should bring to the dinner table. This recipe from Hello Little Home is perfect if you’re nostalgic for summer and fresh cherries. It also pairs surprisingly well with meats such as chicken or turkey.


Caramel Apple Pie

Apple pie is one of my favorite types of pie, but this caramel apple pie just might overthrow the dessert staple. The caramel adds another layer of saltiness and sweetness, taking regular apple pie to new heights. Try this recipe from Food Network for a simple but delicious caramel apple pie.


Cornish Game Hens

If you haven’t heard of cornish game hens, they’re smaller chickens that are typically suited for an individual serving. Besides being less dry and requiring less time to cook than a turkey, their small size means you can avoid leftovers weeks after Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe from The Daring Gourmet yields a perfect roasted cornish game hen seasoned with garlic, herbs and lemon.


While classics are classics for a reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and try something new this Thanksgiving! Who knows, one of these recipes might become a new staple for future Thanksgivings to come.

Hey, my name is Catherine Nguyen and I'm an undergraduate student at RU-New Brunswick! I'm planning on double majoring in English and actuarial mathematics. I love 90's hip hop, pineapple pizza and reading.
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