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As college students we know that studying and getting homework done is a huge part of the college experience. Why not romanticize studying and make sure the environment you’re in has the best study vibes?

If you’re like me and you can only sit at your desk in your dorm for about an hour before getting distracted, you have to find good spots to get your work done. Over my past few semesters at Rutgers, I’ve compiled a solid list of underrated study spots on campus that are sure to help you reach peak productivity!

Gardner Sage Library on College Ave campus

This is my favorite study spot by far. The library is not affiliated with Rutgers, but actually a part of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. It has beautiful stained-glass windows and several different areas you can choose to study based on what vibe you’re going for on a particular day. There are long tables when you first walk in that are great for if you need to spread out study materials (and also if you need an outlet to plug things in).

Alternatively, you could choose to study in the upper level that overlooks the ground level study area. If you need a little break from the studying and stretch your legs, there are religious books in all the shelves that are interesting to take a look at. The only downside to this spot is that it has more limited hours. It is closed on Fridays, Sundays, and has shortened hours on Saturdays. Final note on this location: be sure to look for the Wi-Fi password at the front desk when you first walk in!

Mabel Smith Library on Douglass CAMPUS

This library has to be my favorite out of all the libraries the university has to offer. You are surrounded by stacks of old books in a spacious room of high ceilings and dark wood tables. Personally, my favorite spot is the room to the left when you first walk through the doors, featuring several booths along the back windows. I am biased though because I am a huge advocate of sunshine and big windows. If you were to walk to the right instead when first entering there is another large high ceiling room with large dining table sized tables, lounge chairs with attached desks, and computer cubical (also with large windows) that may be more to your liking. But, this is not all this library has to offer: there is a downstairs. This is where the library’s hundreds of books and archives are located. They have several tables and cubicles down there and it is usually less populated if you want to avoid chatty people that may hang around the other areas.

Red Lion Cafe on College Ave campus

This is a place that I didn’t even know existed until I stumbled upon it going to a club meeting in the room next door to it. It is on the lowest level of the College Ave Student Center. The Red Lion Cafe is a pretty desolate area with a lot of tables and chairs. It could also be a great place to find extra seat if you’re wanting to eat what you got at the newly built Atrium in the College Ave Student Center. It’s usually pretty dead in there, but that could be absolutely perfect when you are looking for no distractions when doing homework.

Janice H Levin Building on Livingston campus

This spot is likely the most underrated spot at Rutgers. I discovered this area becuase I’m a Human Resources major and have hung out in the building between classes. The first level of the building has decently comfortable chairs with a small table, and I find it a great place to get some work done while waiting for the rush of busses at the Livingston Plaza bus stop to calm down. It is the closest building to that particular bus stop, and I’d rather get some productive work done than try to cram myself onto a packed LX bus.

Make sure to check out these spots during your next study session!

Sarah Tubbs

Rutgers '25

Sarah is a junior at Rutgers University who is majoring in Human Resources and double minoring in psychology and diversity in the workplace. She loves reading (booktok stan), keeping a journal, listening to new music, and learning new things.