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Troye Sivan and Ex-Disney Channel Star Drop Jaws in New Music Video

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On Friday, October 13th, singer Troye Sivan released a jaw-dropping music video for his new song, “One of Your Girls,” that has everyone buzzing. In the video, Troye looks unrecognizable; he’s dressed in drag, and a model-looking Ross Lynch, or should I say – Ross Lunch – is sitting still and looking pretty. 

Troye Sivan, in his new music video, “One of Your Girls”

Sivan’s new music video has gained much attention for the following reasons: 


Troye is initially seen wearing everyday clothing, a simple pair of jeans and a shirt. All of a sudden, a gorgeous woman takes over the screen, but, oh wait – it’s Troye in drag! Styled by Interview fashion director Dara Allen, Troye is seen wearing multiple lingerie looks and a custom black dress with black arm warmers. The fashion and video styles are reminiscent of the early 2000s, giving a viewing experience that hasn’t been seen in 15 years. Comparisons have been drawn to Britney Spears and “Britney-esque choreography” (Vogue). Additionally, the Cou Cou Intimates white slip dress and thigh-high green, Isa Boulder white striped boots, and Fanci Club white lace arm warmers resemble Britney’s 2003 VMA performance outfit. Adorning luxury pieces from name brands such as Versace, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford, Troye is not only an inspiration in music but also in fashion, and he is sure to play a part in the resurgence of 2000s trends.


Troye Sivan has always been a revolutionary artist in the sense that he has focused on representing the LGBTQ+ community since before he started his career. In a time when most male artists would sing about a female subject, Troye Sivan entered the music industry singing about other men, immediately declaring himself as a proud representation of the queer community. We saw even more of this in 2018, when he released his album Bloom. This album, featuring tracks like “My, My, My” and “Animal”, Sivan makes plenty of references about being with men, and asserting his confidence in his sexuality. He has used his fame to bring up issues about LGBTQ+ rights, and continued to be an active member of the community. On a personal note, Sivan felt as though he was attracting men that sought him out as a “safe space” to explore, yet didn’t necessarily identify as gay. Moreover, “he wanted to figure out what was attracting him to queer-curious men, eventually realizing it may stem from his own internalized homophobia” (People).  He took things a step further with this music video, by dressing in drag and doing it in such a captivating way. 

Ross Lynch.

Music artist Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch started as a Disney star, playing Austin Moon in Austin & Ally from 2011 to 2016. After that, he went on to star in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie, where his career continued to take off. After a period of fame on Disney, Lynch appealed to older audiences, with roles such as “My Friend Dahmer,” and the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Certainly, this was a shock to audiences, especially in Gen Z, who best know him for his teen roles such as Austin in Austin and Ally. In 2018, Ross and his brother, Rocky, formed their band called The Driver Era. Since then, the band has gained lots of traction over social media, much of which stems from Ross’ stage presence and good looks. This could very possibly be a reason why Sivan wanted Ross to make a cameo video. As Sivan stated in People Magazine, “‘The song is written so adoringly about these guys that everyone is obsessed with — and everyone’s obsessed with Ross…I needed someone who’s representative of the general population’s thirst, and he’s the perfect guy.’”

Great marketing

Sivan is the king of social media marketing, beginning to promote his new album and single throughout the summer. His album “Something to Give Each Other” has finally come out after five years of anticipation. Fans heavily awaited Sivan’s single “Rush,” as he teased the song for almost a month. About 21,000 TikTok videos were made featuring the song, whether the videos were recreating the music video’s choreography or discussing the content. His club-ready yet emotional tracks sparked people’s attention, especially when Ross Lynch was unexpectedly announced as the star of his new music video.

Basically, Troye Sivan’s “One of Your Girls” has started a cultural revolution in the music industry. Certainly, his music videos and themes presented have raised controversy, but they’ve also attracted positive attention. It’s now the era of expression through destigmatizing, fashion, representation, and embracing your true self. Now go watch the music video!

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