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Transfer Students: Here are 3 Ways to Find Your Community

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

No matter which school you came from, transferring to a new environment is an inevitable culture shock. To transfer students—I feel you! Before coming to Rutgers, I attended a community college in Virginia for a year to save some money. Funnily enough, the first time I even set foot on the Rutgers campus was when I attended orientation.

Fast forward to junior year. Looking back at my sophomore year self, I remember wondering how I would make friends and whether or not I would not find my place here at Rutgers. I also feared the sizable campus and dreaded the learning curve I would be facing. If you are in the same (or a similar) boat as I was, here are some ways you can get involved, stay in the loop, and find your community as a transfer student.

1. connect with your roommate(s)

If you plan to dorm or live with roommates, it’s imperative that you get comfortable with them ahead of time. After all, you will soon be sharing a living space with one other, and each of you will call that space home for the duration of the school year. Connecting can be as easy as searching them up on Instagram (because who can’t be found on Instagram?) or emailing them via their school-issued email through your housing assignment portal.

Depending on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, planning a hang-out prior to move-in can break the ice and help you get acquainted with each other. Something to keep in mind is that although you may not magically become BFFs with your roomie right away, they are still an important connection to have. Besides, the best friendships are built over time!

2. attend your school’s involvement fair

Keep an eye out for involvement opportunities! The best way to stay informed of your school’s events is through your school email address; this is typically where the most up-to-date information is dropped straight into your inbox.

Although it’s best to try to attend every event as a transfer student, the most important one you won’t want to miss is the involvement fair. Virtually every university has one, and it’s the best place to be in order to learn more about clubs and student organizations. It’ll be all the more easy to find a community of students that share your interests and passions; soon enough, you’ll find your niche! So, follow your school’s Instagram account and make sure to keep those email notifications on!

3. Don’t be afraid to explore

It may sound daunting, but spending time in different locations around campus will broaden your scope of the student body and help to familiarize yourself with the new atmosphere. Bring your laptop, lunch, or a friend, and spend time in a few spaces on campus. You belong here as much as anyone else. Don’t be afraid to take steps in order to feel that way too. Once you do, it’ll be easier for you to approach others and vice versa.

Connections are everywhere: on the bus, at the library, in a classroom. You never know when one will spark, but the key is to be receptive and open to the possibility of it. Make yourself available and explore your new home!

Most importantly, do not worry or stress out too much about transferring to a new university. You have limitless opportunities ahead. Wherever you’re going, just remember you belong there. You will establish your own community sooner than you think!

Anmei Wang

Rutgers '25

Anmei is a Sociology major at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. For fun she enjoys reading, fashion, skincare, working out, and spending time with friends. She is also a huge foodie and coffee addict!