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Top 5 Spring Break Getaways

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Cold winter months finally getting to you ladies? Fear not! Spring break is finally here. Time to get rid of the chilly climate, crappy colds, and the comfy clothes and trade them for sun, sand, and swimsuits! And, if only for a week we get the satisfaction of knowing that there is life outside of cold weather, we should make it worth our while. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to escape the winter months, look no further! The five best places to spend your spring soiree are right here and ready for your beach yearning pleasure.

1.  PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA– You would never guess that this little southern Florida city would make its way on our list, but its become the hottest spot in spring break 2011 getaways. Known for its beautiful beaches, and even more beautiful residents, Panama City is a getaway from it all, while still being in the states. Recently, college kids have taken it over as a spring break mecca. But don’t get confused, a lot of college kids travel down with their hopes of tapping a few kegs publicly on the beach and are upset only to find that they’ve mixed Panama City up with regular Panama. Know that not only is the drinking age in Panama City 21, but they have strictly enforced laws on anyone who chooses to break these laws.

2.  CANCUN,MEXICO– People have always known Cancun as the ultimate party spot for spring breakers and party people alike. However, with the recent drug cartel scandals and H1N1 uprisings in Mexico, Cancun has become much more of a distant memory of spring breaks past. I want to squash that myth right now; I have personally spent many spring breaks in Cancun and can attest that they’re is nothing wrong with this wonderful historic city. Plus, the drinking age is 18! If you’re not too into the party scene, Cancun is only an hour out of the way of the historic city of Cozumel and its ruins. Also, it is only 45 minutes away from the beaches of Playa Del Carmen. Cancun also offers a variety of inexpensive all-inclusive hotel deals which are definitely a steal.

3.  DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA– We all know the infamous northern city for its Nascar tracks, but what most don’t know is Daytona has some of the best beaches Florida has to offer. With a string of beachfront hotels right in the heart of the city, this vacation spot has become a vacation spot for many who never want to leave. For the kid in all of us, Daytona Beach is roughly 45 minutes away from Orlando, so Mickey and Minnie aren’t very far from this destination. And of course, if you’re into hot sweaty men and fast cars, there are always the racetracks. Because Daytona is in the states, the drinking age is still 21.

4.  PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC– This beautiful island hasn’t been seen in the past as “college kid friendly”, but in recent years it has sprung up with great hotel options and prices for college kids everywhere. The Dominican is famous for its nightlife and party scene, and Punta Cana is no exception. With its busy downtown nightlife, salsa-dancing clubs, and outdoor shopping malls, the beach isn’t the only thing that attracts students to the humble little city with a lot to say. While you’re down there, you can venture to any of the islands of the Dominican. Like Cancun, it’s only takes about an hour longer to get to than Florida, and is worth every penny if you love beautiful men, white sand, and clear ocean waters. The drinking age in Punta Cana is 18.

5.  ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY– For those who don’t mind the cold and love a little gambling on their spring break, look no further then New Jersey’s own Atlantic City.  Whether you’re a fan of the penny slots, the card shark tables, or just bingo, Atlantic City has it. But what most people don’t know it Atlantic City is family friendly too. For those who can’t gamble or don’t like to gamble, “AC” is famous for its extravagant night shows, five star restaurants, and, weather permitting, beaches that span for miles. You wont get Caribbean style beaches here like you would in Mexico or the Dominican, but for those on a budget who need a getaway, AC is just down the road. The drinking age in Atlantic City is 21.

            So, there you have it ladies! A list of my favorite spring break getaways! From all of us at Hercampus.com Rutgers, have a safe and fun spring break, and don’t forget to send us some pictures and drink umbrellas! We’ll greatly appreciate it!